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The Big Guy was one of the Others guarding at the quarry on Hydra Island.

On the Island

When there was a trespasser at the quarry, Pickett asked the big guy to hold Sawyer and Kate at gunpoint, and if Sawyer moved, he could shoot him. Moments later, Alex was revealed to be the trespasser, who was attacking others with a slingshot loaded with stones, as she wanted to know what have they done to her boyfriend. After a brief confrontation with Pickett, the big guy grabbed Alex from behind, and took her away. ("I Do")

The big guy was never seen again, therefore, his current status is unknown. He could be one of the "Ten Best" killed during the Beach camp battle ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"), or was killed by the Man in Black during the Temple massacre ("Sundown"), or even possibly escaped into the jungle following the mortar attack. ("The Candidate")


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