"Benomination of the Temple"
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©2008 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Benomination of the Temple" is an orchestral piece on the Season 3 soundtrack. It serves as the main motif for the Others and is one of the most frequently used motifs in the series.

Main appearance

Ben tells Richard to lead the Others to the Temple while he goes to the radio tower. Richard warns that this is dangerous for Ben's role as leader.

Full list of appearances

The motif from "Benomination of the Temple" plays during the following scenes:


"Act Now, Regret Later", "Benundrum", "Bon Voyage, Traitor", "Claire-a Culpa", "Deadly Fertility", "Dharma Disaster", "The Fall of Man", "Fool Me Twice", "Heart of Thawyer", "Hide and Snitch", "Hold the Phone", "Hostile Negotiations", "The Hunt", "In with a KABOOM!", "Jintimidating Bernard", "Keamy Away from Him", "Kool-Aid Claire", "Locke of the Island", "The Looking Glass Ceiling", "McGale's Navy", "Mother of Sorrows", "Of Mice and Ben", "Paddle Jumper Reprise", "Peculiar Parenting", "Recon (composition)", "Torture Me Not" and "Weapon of Mass Distraction" use the motif from this piece.

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