Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)

The benefit concert was a charity event organized by Eloise Widmore on the grounds of the Golden State Natural History Museum. The concert combined the classical music stylings of pianist Daniel Widmore with the rock music of Charlie Pace's band Drive Shaft.


Charles Widmore tasked his associate Desmond Hume with "babysitting" the bass guitarist who apparently overdosed and got himself arrested. Following Charlie Pace's release from jail, Hume and Pace were involved in a car accident at Long Beach Marina. Hume wasn't hurt but Pace was brought to St. Sebastian Hospital and escaped.

Mr. Widmore charged Desmond with delivering the bad news to Mrs. Widmore that Drive Shaft would not be playing her son's classical/rock fusion charity concert. In contrast to Mr. Widmore's expectations of her reaction to such news, Mrs. Widmore did not seem concerned that the band would not be able to appear, but became quite upset when Desmond overheard the name of "Penny Milton" on a guest list. ("Happily Ever After")

Let the show begin

Mr. Daniel Widmore, accompanied by Drive Shaft, took the stage after being introduced by Dr. Pierre Chang. Daniel sat down at his piano and started to play. Charlie threw his bass guitar over his shoulder and peeked out into the audience, staring at a pregnant woman sitting at table 23, whom he recognized. Charlie was mesmerized. The woman stared back at him. Suddenly the pregnant woman had a contraction and asked to be excused. ("The End")



After breaking fellow passengers out of jail, Desmond planned to bring along Kate, Sayid, and Hurley. ("What They Died For")