Ben's diary was a journal of events that Benjamin Linus kept in a leatherbound composition book and carried with him even when he travelled. It was first seen at his desk in his personal tent in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1". It appeared to be an extensive account, written in longhand.


The left diary page text

Only the fifth and sixth pages of the diary written by Ben were actually shown on the show, and the text remained incompletely deciphered until scans of the pages were posted on the Internet on September 15, 2010 by "Jooky22", the buyer of the diary prop in Lost: The Auction.[1] While the text of the diary is not canon, actor Michael Emerson did have the text vetted by the producers, as he discussed on the DVD commentary for "Through the Looking Glass".

First page, not shown in the show:

Persons with full geographic familiarity
with the island:
(1) All personnel with surveillance station clearance
(2) All personnel with logistics committee clearance
(3) All perimeter patrol squads
(4) All native resource teams (above tier 2 command)
*(5) All full-tactical operatives
A. Ethan d. 2/16/05 (on S.M.)
B. Goodwin d. 4/4/05 (on S.M.)
C. Will
D. Mikhail
E. Monica d. 12/16/03 (Mat. failure)
F. Jessica d. 7/3/03 ( " " )
G. Brenda
H. Maxie
I. Pickett d. 6/18/04 (I.F. Ex.)
J. Ryan



Second page, not shown on the show:

Although it does seem incredible to
say that there are still parts of the
island that are unknown to me. (If
I can use that word to describe areas
whose shape, dimensions and boundaries are
familiar to me!) Generally, it is a
case of physical inaccessability (as
with the deep dark sink.)

[Illustration showing "End of W. ridge path"
ending in "Sink 1"; nearby markers labeled
"ALPIT" and "RPIT"]

(And a comfort to know that
what is not known by us is
not known to anyone else.)

Third page, not shown on the show:

9/7 Based on some things that have been
said (or not said, in some cases) in
recent meetings with (J), I sense a
coming shift in security arrangements
toward a more tightly controlled management
of intel. This is, I suppose, a logical reaction
(adjustment) to our current threat situation
but it does pose troubling changes in our
understanding of by-laws like the articles
of inclusion and general access.
Changes in the contract formula
are technically subject to the community vote
and yet (J) doesn't seem to favor such a
public discussion as would follow.

? Can a sub-system be maintained
indefinitely under the heading of
emergency discretion?

? How to make a bylaw change
without public review?

Fourth page, not shown on the show:

9/8 Feeling older than my years today.
I can't remember the last time I was
able to indulge myself with a day of
reading or walking. There was a time
when the management of our affairs
here seemed so straightforward—
when (J)'s voice was so clear and
We've strayed so far from
our original purposes—our original
contract. So many secrets now must
be kept— and in the name of... ?
The common good? Security?
And yet to deny the dangers
we face would be foolhardy, particular-
ly in light of our grave work— work
whose complexity seems to multiply even
as we rest from our tending labors!

Fifth page:

The time is no doubt approaching when
we will have to embark on a wholesale
re-evaluation of the facilities and uses
of our island infra-structure.
This was going to have to happen at
any rate (although (J) by his very na-
ture does not give it much thought)
but recent changes and interruptions
have completely changed our re-supply
model and I believe that some of those
old self-sta sustainment plans*(where
have we stored them? I don't even re-
member!) may have to be looked-at
and probably very seriously looked-at.
(* Who last checked the archives?)

The right diary page text

Sixth page:

9/12 An important meeting tonight with
(R) and (M) regarding the developing situation.
We are now in day 3 of our exodus from
the village and I am, I fear, at the limit
of my tactical resources. (J)'s agenda,
which I do not question, is however a narrow
and difficult one and I could well wish
we'd had time to prepare, not merely
for the military strike, but for a prolonged
campaign in the bush. We are short on
provisions (seasonal) and, more importantly,
the long-awaited re-supply of camp gear
having been missed (and so narrowly!) and
just as our water supply routes have been
cut off. We look like a very sad sort of
antique army. Morale, I have to say, is not
as low as the circumstances might warrant.
Yet, for all that, I feel apprehensive about
the bu

The names were written only with initials which were circled. Possible full names are R-Richard, M-Mikhail and J-Jacob.

Although Ben labeled his entry as being written on September 12, the date was actually December 20. (Oceanic 815 didn't crash until September 22.)


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