This information was revealed through the semi-canonical Lost video game
Lost: Via Domus
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"Beady Eyes" is a name used for an unnamed character in the video game Lost: Via Domus. Although this name is not used in the game itself, the character is listed as "Beady Eyes" in the game manual.

Before the crash

A loyal bodyguard for Zoran Savo, he was initially involved with the illegal arms trade before Savo appointed him as a liaison with criminal. He eventually became Savo's right-hand man, making sure his boss was safe from every threat. After Elliott snapped a photo of Savo murdering Lisa, Savo ordered Beady Eyes to chase after Elliott. This eventually resulted in him ending up on Flight 815, which Elliott was on, heading to Los Angeles to publish photos of Savo's crime. On the plane, Beady Eyes sat in seat 21D and began to make his way towards Elliott's seat when suddenly the plane hit turbulence, and the plane crashed on the Island.

On the Island

Beady Eyes survived the crash, and during the first night he attacked Elliott. He promised he would find Elliott's camera and obtain the photo, and then kill Elliott himself. Upon other survivors hearing the attack, Beady Eyes fled the area. ("Force Majeure")

Beady Eyes somehow acquired an assault rifle, and he hid in a tall tree, waiting for Elliott to pass. He shot at Elliott, but the Monster came and attacked him. ("A New Day")

Sometime later, he made his way to the Flame Station. There he took Mikhail captive, waiting for Elliott to show up. When Elliott finally arrived, he shot Beady Eyes, killing him. ("Whatever It Takes")

Unanswered questions

  • What is his real name?
  • Was he around for the original headcount? Is he one of the original 48?
  • How did he acquire an assault rifle on Day 2?

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