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Ayesha was a nurse at the local infirmary to which a severely injured John Locke was brought in Tunisia after he left the Island. She was on duty when three men entered carrying Locke. The doctor shouted out loud for her twice while he was treating Locke, but she was unresponsive until another nurse pointed out to her that the doctor was in hurry. When she finally responded to the doctor, Matthew Abaddon was watching from behind a curtain where she was standing. Ayesha was the last person Locke seemed to recognize before losing consciousness. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")


  • In Arabic, the name Ayesha (originally written عائشة, transliterated A'isha) means "She who lives".
  • In Islam, A'isha is the third wife of prophet Muhammad and the daughter of his best friend and life companion, Abu Bakr.
  • Ayesha is a very popular name in the Arab world, especially in Northern African countries.
  • Aïcha, is a popular song by the Algerian Rai artist and singer Chep Khalid from his 1996 album Sahra.
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