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Travel reasons[]

Flight 815 Survivor Why in Australia? Why leaving Australia? Reasons referenced in:
Ana Lucia Came with Christian Shephard as his bodyguard after she murdered Jason McCormick and quit the LAPD. Urged by her mother to return home and own up to what she did. "Two for the Road"
Arzt Meeting with his internet "girlfriend" Returning home after his "girlfriend" ditched him in a restaurant "Tropical Depression"
Bernard Brought Rose to see Isaac, a faith healer near Uluru (Ayer's Rock), on their honeymoon. Returning home. "S.O.S."
Boone Went there to "rescue" Shannon from her boyfriend. Escorting her home. "Hearts and Minds"
Charlie He was visiting his brother, Liam, in hopes of reuniting Drive Shaft. Supposedly to start Drive Shafts' "comeback tour" in Los Angeles. "The Moth"
Cindy Likely lives in Australia. She works for Oceanic Airlines. Flight attendant on Oceanic 815. "Pilot, Part 1", "The Other 48 Days"
Claire She resides in Sydney. Traveling to Los Angeles to give birth and supposedly deliver her baby to adoptive parents connected with Richard Malkin. "Raised by Another"
Eko Was investigating the miracle of Charlotte Malkin as a fake priest. Had finished investigation, returning with fake passport for criminal dealings Caldwell was going to set him up with. "?"
Edward Mars Working as a U.S. marshal, looking for fugitive Kate. Traveling back with Kate under his legal custody "Tabula Rasa"
Emma and Zack Unknown. Traveling to meet their mother in L.A. "The Other 48 Days"
Gary Troup Promotional tour for Bad Twin; visiting Cindy. Traveling home with his fiancee, Cindy (flight attendant) The Lost Experience
Hurley Following information from Leonard Simms, he went looking for Sam Toomey, the man Lenny heard the Numbers from. Finding Sam dead, he met instead with his widow, Martha. Returning home for his mother's birthday "Numbers"
Jack On request from his mother, Margo, was looking for his father, Christian. Found his father dead, and bringing his body home. "White Rabbit"
Jin Delivering Mr. Paik's Rolex watch to an associate in Sydney. Delivering Mr. Paik's Rolex watch to an associate in L.A. "...In Translation","Exodus, Part 1"
Joanna Was on vacation with Janelle Granger; mostly to go scuba diving Returning home after an ear infection. ABC Diary
Kate Was on the run from the U.S. authorities, and had been working/living for three months on Ray Mullen's farm. Edward Mars arrested her and was bringing her back to be incarcerated. "Tabula Rasa","What Kate Did"
Libby Unknown Unknown
Locke Was trying to take part in a "Walkabout" in the Outback. Was refused passage by the agent, due to his disability. "Walkabout"
Michael On request from Brian Porter, went to pick up Walt, after his mother's death, so he could live with him. Bringing Walt home. "Special"
Nikki and Paulo Nikki was, at the time, guest starring on a TV show; conning the director. Paulo was her lover, aiding her in the con. Fleeing with stolen diamonds. "Exposé"
Rose Was on her honeymoon with Bernard (who also brought her to see Isaac). Returning home. "S.O.S."
Sawyer Following information from Hibbs, was looking for the original Sawyer, the man who conned his mother (which in turn led his father to commit the murder-suicide). Deported by Sydney officials, after getting arrested for a bar fight. "Exodus, Part 1"
Sayid Was recruited by Alyssa Cole and Robbie Hewitt to infiltrate a terrorist cell in Sydney by finding his old friend, Essam Tasir. Going to L.A. to search for Nadia; stayed an extra day to bury Essam. "The Greater Good"
Scott Won a sales prize at work: two week Australian vacation, all expenses paid. Returning home. "Homecoming"
Shannon Was living there with her boyfriend. Returning with Boone after trying to con him. "Hearts and Minds"
Sun Supposedly transferring from a flight from Korea with Jin, but intending to abandon him at the airport. Changed her mind and accompanying Jin to L.A. "House of the Rising Sun""Exodus, Part 1"
Vincent Was Brian Porter's dog. Given to Walt; traveling to U.S. to live with him and Michael. "Special"
Walt Lived there with his mother, Susan Lloyd, and adoptive father, Brian Porter. His mother passed away, and Michael was bringing him home to live with him. "Special"




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Uluru (Ayers Rock)[]

  • A sandstone rock formation in the Northern Territory. Residence of Isaac, the faith healer. Bernard brings Rose there. ("S.O.S.")

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