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Mobisode 7 - "Arzt & Crafts"

Writer - Damon Lindelof

Director - Jack Bender

[Jin and Sun sitting on the beach. Looking through clothes. Talking in Korean.]

JIN: [pointing at something] 저 두 사람이 연인 사이 같은데. [Subtitle: I think they are lovers.]

SUN: 아니에요. [subtitle: They’re not.]

JIN: 저 눈빛이 장난이 아닌데 뭐. [subtitle: He looks at her like they are.]

SUN: 분하고 섀넌은 남매지간이에요. [subtitle: Boone and Shannon are brother and sister.]

JIN: 당신이 어떻게 알아? 쟤네도 한국말 할 줄 알아? [subtitle: How do you know? Do they speak Korean?]

SUN: 아니 그냥... 그런 것 같다구요. subtitle: It was just a guess.]

[Arzt comes running up to them.]

ARZT: What’s all this about moving from the beaches, huh, going to the caves? Are you guys going, to the caves?

HURLEY: [sitting a few feet away with Michael] They don’t speak English, dude.

ARZT: [to Hurley and Michael] Oh. How about, are you going?

MICHAEL: I don’t know what you’re talking about, man.

ARZT: I’m talking about the caves. Are you going to go to the caves? Jack and that bald guy, and uh, what’s-her-face, they found some caves, and they think that actually we should move from the beaches to the caves.

HURLEY: So, why shouldn’t we?

ARZT: Why, sh… Ok, A number one, moisture. Caves are abundant with moisture. Moisture breeds bacteria, and attracts insects that would lay eggs in our mouths while we sleep. All right.

ARZT: [turning around and yelling, slowly, at Sun and Jin] Hey, hey, hey. I know that you don’t understand me, but if there is a vote to go to the caves, you two, you vote no! Got it? No!

MICHAEL: Hey, shouting at them is not going to make them understand any more.

HURLEY: Hey, if Jack says it’s a good idea, maybe we should, like, trust him.

ARZT: Why? You tell me. Because he’s a doctor? Is that what qualifies him for leadership here? How do we know he’s not a nut case? I want to tell you something. [leaning down and speaking quietly to Hurley and Michael] The other day I’m in the jungle, and I’m taking a leak, and Jack runs through the jungle, crying for his Daddy. [speaking louder, to all] OK, fine, fine, you morons, you want to go to the caves, good riddance. I’m going to stay right here on the beach with all the people who want to survive. [Monster noise. They all look around.] I’ll uh, I’ll see you guys at the caves. [He walks away.]