This article is related to the Lost Experience character Armand Zander, for references to the Bad Twin character see Zander Widmore.
This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
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Dr. Armand Zander is the director of the Vik Institute in Vik, Iceland, in the storyline of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience. The Institute he heads is a mental research facility being run by The Hanso Foundation as part of their Mental Health Appeal project. He holds a M.D. and a Ph.D., and has treated mentally ill patients for 30 years.

In a letter revealed through The Lost Experience, he complained to Thomas Mittelwerk at The Hanso Foundation about being left out of the loop about "a secret program of experimentation" being administered at the Vik Institute. He also threatened to resign if he was not given "a full accounting of the activities taking place".

On June 27, a fire struck the Vik Institute, and in a press release, Zander expressed sorrow at the accident and reported the death of Vigi Benoffski. He also met with Rachel Blake in Vik, revealing on camera that mathematicians were being kept in the sub-basement of the facility, working with autistic savant patients on an equation. Zander also stated that the equation seemed to be made up of Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was after this that Rachel Blake learned that Zander had been reported missing, accused of setting the fire at the Vik Institute.

June 12th


Persephone posted the following letter, demonstrating what Mittelwerk was doing at the Vik Institute. The letter is signed by Zander.

Dr. Mittelwerk:
It is with profound anger that I submit this complaint. I understand that The Hanso Foundation prides itself on experimentation and innovation -- but what is going on in my own hospital has left me extremely confused about my mission.

I was recruited to the directorship of the Vik Institute with a promise that I would be given the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of my patients. Instead, I find myself prisoner in a hall of mirrors.

Day in and day out, new doctors not in my staff enter and exit the hospital. Last night, twenty of my autistic savant patients were administered secret proprietary memory tests with my consult or consent by doctors whom I have never seen before -- and then there is, of course, the third sub-basement.

Never in my thirty years of treating the mentally ill have I seen the like. A secret ward containing patients whose illness is unknown to the hospital's director? It is, I regret to say, absurd and offensive.

I am responsible for the lives of hundreds of patients, but I cannot, in good conscience, take that responsibility if I am hamstrung by a secret program of experimentation taking place under my own nose.

The bottom line is, I expect a full accounting of the activities taking place in my hospital. If you are unable, or unwilling to comply, I may just be forced to tender resignation.

Regretfully yours,

Armand Zander

June 27th

The original extract

After the fire at the Vik Institute, Armand Zander was referenced in a newspaper article.

A tragic fire struck a hospital in the town of Vik, Iceland at 3a.m. today, leaving one man, renowned mathematician Vigi Benoffski, dead, and several others hospitalized for burns and smoke inhalation. Authorities released only the names of three of the injured: Janos Backh (38), Orhan Hikmet Ran (43), and Vikram Sahani (28). Their families refused comment

The coastal community was awakened in the early morning hours by sirens, as rescue and fire units rushed to contain the blaze that erupted on a basement level of The Vik Institute. Hospital Director Armand Zander, "We are most thankful more were not put in harm's way. What happened to Mr. Benoffski is a horrible tragedy."

While the fire has been ruled accidental, uncertainty still lingers. It is not yet known whether the injured included any hospital patients. And, while Zander asserted that Benoffski "must have been visiting," he refused to comment how a visitor could have obtained access to a basement level well past visiting hours.

Rachel Blake Iceland 01

Below is a video secretly filmed by Rachel Blake, in which she quizzes Zander about what happened at the Vik Institute.