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Arlene Stewart
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Melbourne, Australia
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Arlene Stewart - Joseph's Wife
Joseph Steward - Arlene's Husband
Going to adopt Aaron from Claire

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Arlene and Joseph Stewart were the couple who wanted to adopt Claire's baby in Australia.

Aaron's adoption

During a meeting with attorney Mr. Slavitt and Claire to finalize the adoption contract, they agreed to sing "Catch a Falling Star" to Claire's baby when raising him. They seemed very eager to adopt the baby and sympathetic towards Claire's troubles with the decision.

However, when both of Mr. Slavitt's pens malfunctioned as Claire attempted to sign the papers, she interpreted these failures as a bad omen. Claire immediately decided to cancel the adoption, and left the meeting room as the Stewarts protested, yelling, "No! No!" ("Raised by Another")


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