Ana Lucia Cortez was an ex-police officer who had deep seated mental issues, due to a shooting which killed her unborn child. She turned to revenge and shot the culprit before going on the run to Australia with a man, who insisted on being called by the fake name 'Tom'. She eventually decided to own up and booked a seat on Oceanic Flight 815. She sat in the tail section of Flight 815 when it crashed, and she took the leadership role in the Tailies group after the crash. She led her party across the Island to reunite them with the rest of the passengers. After Cindy disappeared en route, she shot and killed Shannon, mistaking her for an Other. She seemed to develop a camaraderie with Jack, as well as Sawyer, after their initial butting heads. Ana Lucia was known to be very emotionally cold and violent. After surviving for 64 days on the Island, she was murdered in cold blood by Michael.

Before the crash


Ana Lucia Cortez was born in 1975 to Teresa Cortez and an unknown father. She was raised by her mother, a police captain, and would eventually join her mother's force. She was raised speaking both English and Spanish, often speaking in both languages to her mother. ("Collision")

Los Angeles Police Department


Ana Lucia returns to the LAPD Force. ("Collision")  (promotional still)

As a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department, Ana Lucia was forced to take some time away from the force when she was injured on a case. She was shot when a man named Jason McCormack tricked her into letting him reach for his student ID. He reached for his gun instead and shot Ana Lucia 4 times in the abdomen. Ana Lucia survived but had to deal with the loss of her unborn child which was hit with the bullets, ironically protecting Ana. The father of this child remains a mystery, but is most likely to be Ana Lucia's ex-boyfriend, Danny.

After this incident, Ana Lucia took a series counseling sessions for a total of four months. During these sessions, it became clear that Danny had left her, but she told her psychologist that she was the type of person who was better off alone anyway. She also told her psychologist that the "people with the crying baby" had moved out of her neighborhood. When asked how she felt about this, she said that it was "too quiet now." When she was questioned about what it felt like to hold a gun in her hand again - after target practice at the firing range - she described the feeling as "very good." The psychologist finally came to believe that Ana Lucia was fine to be back on the force and her badge was returned to her.

Ana Lucia received a warm welcome from all of her colleagues with the exception of her mother, Teresa Cortez, who also happened to be her captain. Ana Lucia was eager to get back on the streets to fight crime, and was angered when her mother purposely gave her a desk job. In Spanish, she asked her mother whether she was putting her behind a desk as her mother or her captain. Teresa's reply to this was that it was "both." Ana Lucia used emotional blackmail to get what she wanted and insisted that her mother put her up for a transfer, but Teresa backed down from the argument and decided to give her the car, caving in to her daughter's demands. When Detective Raggs told Ana Lucia that they needed her immediately, her mother spitefully told her that they had made a cake and Ana Lucia was annoyed that she had just spoiled the surprise.


Ana Lucia shoots Jason ("Collision")  (promotional still)

Ana Lucia was glad to be back in her element when she went on patrol with her partner Big Mike. Instead of going their usual route, they patrolled through Westwood, a safer side of town, which was Teresa's idea, and Ana Lucia seemed annoyed at this as well. The fact that Ana Lucia was fine to be back on the job was questioned after she and Mike responded to a domestic call involving a young couple. Shawna and Travis were in the middle of a violent break-up which was disturbing their neighbors, all the while during the argument, Shawna was holding her crying baby. Ana Lucia, who was clearly still affected by her shooting, became increasingly worried about the safety of the baby, until it became too much for her. She pointed her gun at Travis and forced him to get down on to the ground, after which Mike immediately ordered her to holster her weapon out of shock. It was then apparent that Ana Lucia never had really gotten over the loss of her unborn child's tragic death.

When she arrived back at the station, Ana Lucia attempted to justify her actions to Mike, who was still angry with her for taking such drastic action. Detective Raggs popped in again and told her they had "got her guy", referring to Jason McCormack. When she was asked to identify him, Ana denied that she knew the man, lying to the others. Her mother was certain Ana was lying, but after talking to her, she eventually had to let the man go. The next week, Ana was drinking at the same bar as Jason McCormack and, when he left, she followed him to his car. She called his name to get his attention, then yelled to him, "I was pregnant!" before shooting him three times in the chest. When Jason fell to the ground, Ana Lucia shot him again, three more times. ("Collision")

After Ana Lucia arrived at work the next day, she was confronted by her mother, who asked her where she had been the night before. Ana lied and said she had been at home, so Teresa took Ana to the morgue where Jason's body lay. When Teresa told Ana that she knew what Ana had done, Ana immediately turned in her badge to her mother.

As Christian's bodyguard


Ana meets Christian at the bar. ("Two for the Road")

Ana Lucia took a job as an Airport Security Guard, but it didn't give her the same thrill she experienced when out on the streets. She met Christian Shephard while taking a break at the airport bar. He told her the story of his conflict with his son and that he was flying to Sydney to try and escape him. After Ana told him she was an ex-cop, Christian asked her if she wanted to go with him as he needed some hired protection in Sydney. After she reluctantly agreed, Christian insisted that they give each other fake names. Ana Lucia decided to call him Tom and Christian called her Sarah.

In Sydney, Christian and Ana did nothing for four days but drink, until Christian randomly knocked on Ana's hotel door in the middle of the night, telling her that it was time for him to use her as protection. Christian directed Ana's attention towards a small house in the suburbs, and told her to stay in the car. He knocked on the door and a woman answered. She seemed shocked to see him, and an argument began involving Christian wanting to see his daughter. Ana saw that the argument was getting out of control and quickly pulled Christian from the house and back into the car.


Ana at Sydney Airport, on the phone to her mother. ("Two for the Road")  (promotional still)

Ana started getting tired of Christian's constant drinking and when he made remarks on her body, it was the last straw for her. She stopped the car they were traveling in and confronted Christian. She told him that her name was Ana Lucia and asked him who the woman he had been arguing with was. He wouldn't give her an answer and Ana become even more frustrated. Christian pointed out the cocktail bar that Ana stopped in front of, and he claimed it was "fate" that had brought them to the bar. He asked her if she wanted to have a last drink with him, but she refused and attempted to stop Christian from entering, hoping that he might want to go back to the U.S with her and confront their troubled pasts. He declined her offer and opened the car door, accidentally hitting a man with it. ("Two for the Road")

Later, at the check-in desk of the airport, Ana Lucia overheard Jack talking about burying his father. She didn't realize he was talking about the same man she had spent her days with earlier. Later on, she sat next to Jack in one of the airport bars (as she had done with his father before him) and they started to talk and flirt. She introduced herself to him and they shared a drink.
Normal exoduspart1-204

Ana meets Jack at Sydney's airport. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Ana told Jack that she wasn't very good on airplanes and that she was annoyed at being stuck at the back of the plane in seat 42F. In the middle of their conversation, Ana Lucia's phone began to ring. After assuring Jack that they would have the next drink on the plane, she walked off to answer her telephone. ("Exodus, Part 1")

On the phone was her mother, and Ana began to cry, and she admitted that fleeing to Australia was a mistake on her behalf. Sobbing down the phone, Ana pleaded that all she wanted to come home and for everything to be alright. Teresa said that everything would be, and told her daughter to come back home to her. Wiping away her tears, Ana Lucia states that she's on Oceanic Flight 815, and Teresa says she'll be there when she lands. ("Two for the Road")

On the Island

Season 2 (Days 1-43)


Ana coming out of the ocean, after the crash ("The Other 48 Days")  (promotional still)

From the plane crash, Ana Lucia could only recall up to a hard suitcase hitting her on the head and knocking her out. She woke up underwater afterwards and swam to the shore. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Like many others, Ana Lucia helped the wounded get to dry land. She notably gave one of the children CPR, and promised she would get her home to her parents. During their first night on the Island, the tail section survivors were attacked by The Others, and Ana became increasingly worried about the group's situation and safety when three of their people were kidnapped. When the Others attacked again a week later, Ana killed one of them and found a list with the names of those who had been taken on it, which included the children. Suspecting that there was a spy amongst them, Ana instigated herself as the unofficial leader of the tail section passengers, making the decision to organize them, so that they could leave the beach for inland, where they would be able to hide themselves more easily from the threat.


Ana Lucia kills Goodwin after he attacks her, discovering who he really is. ("The Other 48 Days")  (promotional still)

Ana Lucia began to grow increasingly suspicious of one of the other tail section survivors, Nathan, who would go to the toilet on his own and defy her leadership. One day, she threw him into a pit that she had dug, with premeditated plans to torture him, unless he revealed where the children (along with the other kidnapped survivors) were. Goodwin, knowing that Ana would grow suspicious of his refusal to cooperate eventually, let him out and killed Nathan during the night, hiding his body from the camp. Ana believed Nathan had escaped and she feared their location had been compromised. She moved the group further into the jungle, where they discovered the Arrow station and set up camp inside. ("The Other 48 Days")

At some point, Goodwin reported back to Ben and informed him that he was making a case for Ana Lucia to come and live in their society of The Others, something Ben seemed very sceptical about, due to her blatant rash and violent nature. ("The Other Woman")

On a walk outside of the tailies makeshift camp, Ana Lucia eventually realized Goodwin was not a crash survivor and began inquiring who he really was, and what he wanted with her people. After telling her that he disagreed with his leader that she was a good person, Ana got into a fight with Goodwin, eventually impaling him on a spear.

When the Tailies received a transmission on the radio they had found in The Arrow, Bernard communicated with the person on the receiving line, who told him he was a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. Ana turned the radio off, assuming it was The Others trying to trick them into giving away their location. Bernard tried to argue with her, as he thought there might have been other survivors, but Ana dismissed him, saying, "This is our life now, get used to it." After turning off the radio, she went to a stream to cry, at the same time that Eko finally completed his 40 days of silence, and comforted her.("The Other 48 Days") Example

Season 2 (Days 44-64)


Ana Lucia finds out that Jin, Michael and Sawyer are survivors of the Flight 815. ("Orientation")  (promotional still)

Jin, Michael and Sawyer arrived on the northern part of the Island when they were washed ashore. When they were found by the tail section survivors, both sides suspected each other of being the Others. The Tailies threw the men into the tiger pit, and Ana Lucia told Mr. Eko to knock her out and throw her down into the pit with them. Pretending to be the only tail-section survivor and a prisoner of the Others, she tried to find out who they really were. When Sawyer showed Ana the gun with which he planned to shoot Mr. Eko, she persisted in asking him how he got it. As they debated, she managed to grab the gun and call for Mr. Eko, who lifted her out of the pit. Mr. Eko asked her what information she had been able to gain, and the men realized she had deceived them. ("Orientation")

Ana let Michael and Jin out of the pit and they convinced her they really were on the plane. After Sawyer was pulled out, Ana saw he was holding a rock in his hand. When he lied about the rock, she knocked him down and laid out her rules, then they all set out for the Arrow station. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Normal abandonedpromo31

Ana and the group rest in the trees ("Abandoned")  (promotional still)

Ana decided to take her group and the others across the Island to the main camp, where she believed they would be safer from the Others, who had already taken 12 of her party. She insisted the group keep silent so the Others would not know they were moving. Bernard, Ana Lucia and Jin tried to catch fish for their journey, but only Jin was successful. Michael ran off into the jungle after Walt while with Libby picking fruit, making Jin and Mr. Eko run after him. Ana told Eko she wouldn't wait for him and started the trek across the Island. During the journey, Sawyer asked if she had kids, and Ana replied with another question: "Are you gay?", evidently reminded of her earlier trauma. ("...And Found")

Half way through the journey, Ana Lucia lost her way. At that moment, Mr. Eko, Jin and Michael reappeared. However, as they neared the southern shore they had to go inland to save Sawyer's life, as he fainted and became unable to move by himself. In the jungle they heard strange whispers, which frightened and confused them, leading to one of the group of Tailies, Cindy, suddenly disappearing. In the confusion that followed, Ana shot Shannon as she emerged from behind the undergrowth, believing her to be a hostile member of the others. ("Abandoned")

Shannon's death caused Sayid to attack Ana, and he was taken hostage for his own and everyone else's safety. She attempted to negotiate safe passage into the jungle, but her fellow Tailies lost faith in her leadership and eventually headed for the camp, leaving Ana Lucia and Sayid alone. A guilt-ridden Ana gave Sayid the opportunity to avenge Shannon's death. The two bared their souls and Ana Lucia untied him, ready to accept the consequences. But he took pity on her and spared her life, saying they were "both already dead." Arriving at the main camp, Ana met with Jack, and the respective leaders of both groups stood looking at each other for a moment, as they both recognized each other from the Sydney Airport bar. ("Collision")

Upon their arrival at the new camp, Eko explained to Ana Lucia that the survivors viewed Shannon’s death as an accident, but Ana disagreed and chose to distance herself from the other survivors because of her guilt over Shannon's death. ("What Kate Did")

Normal thelongcon07

Ana and the group decide what to do after Sun's attempted kidnap ("The Long Con")  (promotional still)

Jin introduced Sun to Ana Lucia and presented her with a fish, attempting to help integrate her with the other survivors. Vincent befriended her as well. Jack came to her and said he had heard she was a cop, and that she had killed one of "them." When she verified these facts, Jack asked her how long it would take to build an army. Later, Kate and Sawyer saw Ana Lucia and Jack coming out of the jungle, at which Sawyer played on Kate's jealousy. Jack showed her the camp and helped her build a tent.("The 23rd Psalm") ("The Hunting Party") ("Fire + Water")

Though she remained an outsider, Ana became an active member of the beach community, pushing Jack to form an army against the Others. Her strong attitudes against the Others was noted by other Losties, particularly Kate, who suspected her of being behind the attack on Sun in order to get her hands on the guns (though in fact she was innocent of this). ("The Long Con")

While Sayid was washing his face, Ana came up to him telling him that she had seen "one of them". She and Sayid tracked the person, whom Sayid recognized as Rousseau. He told Ana to go back to camp, and not to tell anyone about what she had just witnessed. ("One of Them")

Normal wholetruthpromo20

Ana searches for Henry Gale's balloon ("The Whole Truth")  (promotional still)

She was asked by Locke to interrogate Ben (then under the alias of Henry Gale) to help ascertain whether he was in fact "one of them." She stopped Sayid from shooting him and convinced him she wanted to help. Ben drew a map to Henry Gale's balloon and told her that his wife's grave would be located there. Disregarding Jack and Locke, Ana enlisted the help of Sayid and Charlie and set off to find out the truth. On the way there, Charlie and Ana had many arguments over the guns. At night, while they camped, Ana told Sayid that people hated her. He replied that it wasn't Ana who had killed Shannon but "them - the Others."("The Whole Truth")

The next day, they arrived at the place the balloon was supposed to be. They found a grave, and while looking at it, Ana wondered why it wasn't raining in this spot. Looking up, they finally discovered the balloon. They found out the balloon was indeed Henry Gale's, but after digging up the grave, they found the real Henry Gale's driver's license.

Ana became one of the survivors guarding Ben in the Swan station. ("Lockdown"). Sayid and Ana interrogated Ben about the real Henry Gale and asked if he had killed him. After listening to Ben talk about his leader, Sayid threatened him at gun-point. He pulled the trigger, but Ana intervened just in time.
Normal 2fortheroad-promo16

Ana hands the gun over to Michael ("Two for the Road")  (promotional still)

Ben thanked her for saving his life. ("Dave")

While Jack and Kate were at the line, Ana was attacked by Ben when she attempted to give him food. Ben blames her for the death of two of his people, Goodwin and the person she killed. He chokes Ana and tells her she's the murderer. Locke intervened, after which Ana leaves the hatch. On the beach Ana tries to fix her wound, but is spotted by Libby. Ana tells Libby she's OK but their prisoner won't be, to which Lbby responded "don't do anything stupid", knowing Ana's violent nature. After this Ana asked Sawyer for a gun, but he refused. In a second attempt Ana tried to grab the gun but failed, falling to the ground. She kissed Sawyer abruptly, and after they had sex, Ana stole his gun. Back at the Hatch, Ana asked Michael whether he had seen Cindy or the kids during his time with the Others. ("The Other 48 Days")  ("Two for the Road")

Back in the Swan alone, Ana had the opportunity to shoot Ben, but couldn't bring herself to kill again. Ben told her she was not one of the "good people" but said Goodwin had thought she could be changed ("The Other Woman"). Michael arrived and offered to do it for her, saying he also wanted vengeance after the Others had kidnapped Walt. Ana handed him the gun. Michael shot Ana dead, as well as Libby, before freeing Ben. ("Two for the Road")



Ana Lucia appears to Eko in a dream. ("?")

Before her body was discovered by Jack and Kate, Ana Lucia appeared in a dream of Eko's, along with his brother Yemi delivering the rather cryptic message him he needed to "help John find the question mark." Her body was later found, along with Libby who it was revealed was still in shock, and she was confirmed dead. In the armory, Eko prayed over her lifeless body. ("?")

The next day, the survivors buried Ana Lucia alongside Libby, who died despite Jack's best efforts, at the graveyard. However, their funeral was interrupted by the sighting of a small boat offshore and, possible rescue. It was, however, revealed to be Desmond aboard the boat. ("Three Minutes")

The following day while traveling to retrieve Walt, having kept his secret for over a day, Michael is confronted by Jack about his deception. During Hurley, still distraught at the deaths of Ana Lucia and Libby, asks Michael if he killed them, forcing Michael to confess, stating he had no choice. Michael and Walt later left the Island. However, sometime after leaving the Island, Michael did something that put a stop to his and Walt's relationship, and in New York City, Tom suggests that Walt can't bear to look at his father because he 'knows he is a murderer.' Michael neither denies or accepts this. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1") ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Whilst in captivity by the Others, Jack encountered tail-section survivor Cindy, with the children Zach and Emma who were abducted from Ana Lucia's care. When the young girl asked Cindy to ask Jack about Ana Lucia, seeing if she was okay, Jack yelled at the congregation telling them to leave, being haunted by Ana Lucia's death. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")


Ana Lucia appears to Hurley with instructions. ("The Lie")

Haunted by Libby, his guilt too much to bear (even attempting to take his own life at one point) Michael could only accept Tom's offer to board the Kahana, a freighter whose arrival on the Island who cause trouble for the survivors, in order to redeem himself for his sins. During the ships voyage, Michael received a phone call from Ben in which Ben asked him to compile a list of 'innocent' people aboard the ship, to which Michael attempted to counter him by asking if Ana Lucia and Libby were innocent. Ben simply responded "You killed them, Michael. No one asked you to" ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

According to the story told by the Oceanic Six, Ana Lucia died in the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 when it hit the water. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Sometime in 2006, after the return of the Oceanic Six, Hurley was arrested after seeing a fellow deceased Flight 815 survivor and, after a car chase, he was interviewed by Ana Lucia's ex-partner Mike Walton, who had made detective by this point. During the interview, Mike discussed briefly Oceanic Flight 815, stating the irony that he knew someone on board, Ana Lucia. He questioned if Hurley had met her aboard the plan or in the airport, describing her as "dark haired and gorgeous." As part of the cover story, however, Hurley denied knowing her despite the fact that he knew her and, even more, had attended her funeral. ("The Beginning of the End")

While transporting the unconscious Sayid, Hurley swerved drastically and was pulled over by a police officer. The police officer, actually a vision of Ana Lucia, chastised Hurley for giving in so easily and pulling over given the murder charges against him. She warned Hurley to stay away from cops to lie low, and to go somewhere safe, and told him it was of paramount importance that he didn't get arrested. As she walked away, she nonchalantly told Hurley that "Libby says hi." ("The Lie")


  • Ana Lucia has appeared in 3 episodes since her death: "?" as a corpse and in a dream, "Three Minutes" as a corpse (although she was covered) and "The Lie" as an apparition.
  • Ana Lucia was the fifteenth character to ever have a flashback, and the first who was not one of the original fourteen main characters.
  • Ana Lucia's total episode count to date is 21.
  • Ana Lucia has never met Boone, Desmond, Walt, Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte, or Miles. However, she has met the rest of the fuselage-survivors and Ben under the alias of "Henry Gale".
  • Ana Lucia was the third main character to be killed.
  • Ana Lucia is shown to be able to speak fluent Spanish.
  • Ana's nickname for Christian is an extremely popular name in the series: the Other Tom, Tom Brennan, Claire's boyfriend Tom, Charlie's friend Tom and Tom Sawyer, alias of Anthony Cooper.
  • Christian's nickname for Ana most likely links to Sarah Shephard
  • Ana Lucia appears to have worn the same clothes during her 64 days on the Island.
  • When she appears to Hurley after her death, Ana Lucia warns him to stay away from the cops and not get arrested. This is likely an in-joke referring to Michelle Rodriguez's real-life troubles with the police during and after her time as a regular on the show. But it could also be Flocke that didn't want Hurley to meet Jacob.
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