Ana Lucia Cortez developed several relationships over the course of the series.


Ana and Christian
First Episode: "Two for the Road"
Origin: The two met at an airport bar.
Since Then: Christian took her with him to Australia, allegedly as a bodyguard. He eventually instead asked her to drink and "be pathetic" with him. She rejected this invitation and also had to physically restrain him when he visited Lindsey's house, demanding to see Claire. She never learned his real name.


Ana and Danny
First Episode: "Collision"
Origin: Dated
Since Then: Not much is known about Danny, who was either Ana Lucia's ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. He left her when she lost her baby while on duty during a robbery. She claims that it is for the best that he left, but her body language seems to suggest some discomfort in talking about the relationship. Upon discovering the identity of the man who shot her during the incident, Jason McCormack, she took it upon herself to follow him one night and shoot him in revenge for what he did to her life.


Ana Lucia and Goodwin
First Episode: "The Other 48 Days"
Origin: Goodwin pretended to be a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815.
Since Then: Goodwin ran out of the jungle and called for help, shouting that there was a man in a tree. Ana followed Goodwin and helped Bernard to safety. Ana took a leadership role, supported by Goodwin. The two seemed to share a budding romance, until Nathan's death and Bernard's discovery of a radio. Goodwin volunteered to trek to higher ground to help get a signal for the radio, and Ana followed. The two had a conversation, and Ana exposed Goodwin as a spy for the Others. She subsequently killed him, impaling him on a spear as the two rolled down a hill fighting.
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Ana Lucia vs. Sawyer
Origin: Sawyer is captured by Ana Lucia and the "Tailies" and Sawyer resents her leadership.
Prize: Pride
Fuel: Sawyer hated being in captivity, and hated answering to a woman even more. ("Adrift") He defied Ana Lucia at every chance, despite suffering from a gunshot wound. The more Sawyer defies her, the more determined Ana Lucia became to prove her authority. ("Abandoned").
Resolved: Yes. Sawyer and Ana Lucia formed an unlikely bond before her death. ("Two for the Road")