An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive, cross-media narrative. Fictional elements of the narrative, often presented as real, include clues that lead players to discoveries that further the game. Five Lost ARGs have been produced as season hiatus activities for fans. The Lost Experience focused on the Hanso Foundation's origins; Find 815 focused on Oceanic Airlines, the Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project focused on the modern DHARMA Initiative, Lost University focuses on Lost, and Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear focuses on artwork.

Logo Name When Focus Synopsis
The Lost Experience The Lost Experience Season 2 to Season 3 hiatus
(May 2006 - October 2006)
Hanso Foundation The marketing campaign was designed to unite LOST fans from around the world in an alternative reality game developed as a spin-off from the TV programme. Working closely with the writers behind LOST, The Lost Experience revealed the ‘back-story’ of the Hanso Foundation, the shadowy organization behind the DHARMA Initiative. A combination of TV adverts, fake websites, call-centers, blogs, chocolate bars, video and flash mobs were coordinated to enable users to follow the story of Rachel Blake, an ex-employee of the Hanso Foundation trying to uncover the truth behind the company’s sinister activities.
Find815 3 Find 815 Season 4 hiatus
(January 2008)
Oceanic Airlines The storyline revolves around an Oceanic IT technician Sam Thomas who is intent on finding his love, Sonya, who was on board Oceanic Flight 815 as a flight attendant. Sam has been active in campaigning against the airline's decision to cancel searching for the flight, disgruntled that they wish to move on and resume business. The player learns of Find 815 through a hacked video placed on the flyoceanicair.com website.
DWY2 Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project Season 4 to Season 5 hiatus
(May 2008 - November 2008)
DHARMA Initiative The Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project was first referenced when a commericial for Octagon Global Recruiting (OGR) was aired during "There's No Place Like Home, Part 3". The ARG's current main site is now Dharmawantsyou.com. It is stated on the site that a series of aptitude tests will be run over the space of weeks for fans to play. There is also a leaderboard on the site, suggesting such subsequent tests will be scored. It is possible that coming clues will present themselves simply in the course of these tests (meaning this alternate reality game is more explicitly structured and similar in nature to Find 815 than The Lost Experience).
LU logo Lost University Season 5 to Season 6 hiatus
Lost Lost University was launched at Comic-Con 2009. The Lost University website can be found at lostuniversity.org. The website promotes a fictitious university through which fans can enroll in courses that relate to content relevant to LOST. According to the website, Lost University was established in 2004.
DamonCarltonPolarBearPainting Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear Season 5 to Season 6 hiatus
artwork Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear (unofficial name) is a Lost alternate reality game from ABC studios and the creators of Lost that provides a set-up to Lost's upcoming sixth and final season.

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