Alessandro Quarta is the voice actor who dubs the voice of Daniel Faraday in the Italian language broadcasts of Lost.

Voice acting

TV shows

TV Series Actor Character
Alias Ethan Hawke Ag. Jim Lennox
Scrubs Zach Braff John "J.D." Dorian
Navy NCIS Michael Weatherly Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo
Psych Dule Hill Burton "Gus" Guston
My Name is Earl Eddie Steeples Darnell Turner
Private Practice Paul Adelstein Cooper Freedman
Battlestar Galactica Jamie Bamber Cap. Lee "Apollo" Adamo


Film Actor Character Year(s)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Paul Rudd Chuck 2008
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Jeremy Renner Wood Hite 2007
We Own The Night Mark Wahlberg Cpt. Joseph "Joe" Grusinsky 2007
The 40 Year-Old Virgin Paul Rudd David 2005
Rock Star Mark Wahlberg Chris "Izzie" Cole 2001
Training Day Ethan Hawke Jake Hoyt 2001
Dead Poets Society Ethan Hawke Todd Anderson 1989

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