Alan Dale played the role of Charles Widmore.



  • Alan Dale could be seen playing King Arthur in the West End production of Monty Python's Spamalot at Palace Theatre, London until June 23, 2008.
  • Alan has played three characters that have died of heart attacks, in Ugly Betty, Neighbours and The OC.
  • Alan Dale stopped watching Lost during its third season, stating "I got sick of following it. It went through a lull in scripts in the third season." He pinpointed "The Cost of Living" as when he gave up, saying that "Then, out of the bushes, came a black cloud, which grabbed a black man and threw him to the ground, and I thought 'I definitely can't watch this anymore'." Interview
  • According to Jorge Garcia on Geronimo Jack's Beard, Alan Dale eventually got back to watching the show by the time of Season Six, though he still couldn't make any sense out of it.
  • According to Entertainment Weekly, Alan Dale's contract for season five included an option to be a series regular for the final season. However, the producers did not pick it up and he remained a recurring guest star. [1]

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  • An interview with Dale about Lost is available at IGN.
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