Second Version of the Ajira Airways Logo

Ajira Airways was a fictional airline company whose logo appeared briefly twice during a Lost Season 5 promotional music video on the ABC website, which featured future episode clips and the music video to the song "You Found Me" by the band The Fray, and debuted on November 20, 2008. On February 4, 2009, with the broadcast of "The Little Prince", the logo appeared on a water bottle.


The Ajira Logo on a black screen

The website Ajiraairways.com sports their tagline "destiny calls"; the same as the promotional tagline being used to promote the fifth season of Lost. The website states that new destinations launch on January 21st, 2009, the scheduled US airdate for the fifth season premiere. Other links to the show are present in the form of consistent advertising by the company about "returning to the Island", providing subtle links to the Island on the show. Visitors to the website could at first only sign up to the site's mailing list for future updates. However, the site was fully launched on December 29th, featuring numerous pages of information such as flights and promotions.


=Hurley's ticket seen at Lost: The Auction

On Lost[]


The Ajira water bottle. ("The Little Prince")

Ajira-airways-flight-316 takeoff

Flight 316 taking off from LAX.

A water bottle featuring Ajira Airway's logo was seen in a boat on the Island. Juliet knows of Ajira Airways, describing it to the other survivors as an airline based out of India which has flights across the entire planet. ("The Little Prince")

The Oceanic 6, sans Aaron, took Ajira Airways Flight 316 to get back to the island, because it happened to be flying over the location that Eloise Hawking had calculated the island would appear at. Flight 316 was piloted by Frank Lapidus. ("316")



Members of the Flight 316 crew.



The following is a quote from Ajira Airways.

~Let your journey begin~
The skies have no limit with our new destinations launching January 21st, 2009.
Take an adventure anywhere around the globe and reimagine your world as big
as ours. Check back often to discover new ways to get lost in the world.
No Borders, Now Boarding - Ajira Airways.

—splash page, ajiraairways.com

Another quote from Ajira Airways was revealed on their website on December 29th, 2008, describing the nature of the company:

Welcome to Ajira Airways, a new kind of flying. We take our passengers from the whirlwind of their world into the wild possibilities of this infinite planet. Dreams are made in the atmosphere, and we’re here to make them yours. So never say never to saying goodbye to little pillows, peanuts and kicked seats. Your living room has grown wings and is starting over in a surprise locale.

Get lost in the world with groundbreaking promotions like Destination: Destiny that keeps your flight destination a mystery until you get there. We’re changing the way people think about travel - this isn’t vacation, this is your life... escaped. Let us deliver your destination by revealing your destiny.

The skies have no limit with our new destinations beginning January 21st. So go on an adventure anywhere on the globe and re-imagine your world to be as big as ours. No Borders, Now Boarding
-Ajira Airways.

On December 31st, 2008 at around 9:30PM PST an email was sent out from welcome@ajiraairways.com

Welcome to the new Ajira Airways. We proudly present a new way to get lost in the world of travel. Visit AjiraAirways.com to book your business, pleasure or fate now! Check back soon for the opportunity to preview new adventures exclusive to our Ajira Airways travelers. The skies have no limit with our new and exciting destinations. Life's a journey, book it.

- Ajira Airways

Promotional videos[]

There is a video that plays on the site homepage. An almost identical video was shown on the DHARMA Special Access Week 6 promotional video. A single frame in the video shows a limo driver holding the sign "जॉन 316", which translates from Devanagari as "John 316" (see easter eggs section). There is also a date stamp on the bottom right corner of this frame of January 21, 2009, which is also the date of the broadcast premiere of Season 5.

Destination: Destiny[]

The site has a section discussing a secret 'blind trip' with the airline company to a mystery location.

NOT SURE WHERE TO GO? Get lost in the wild wonder of the world and let time and space have no consequence. For $87 you’ll be whisked away to an unknown fateful destination of your destiny. China to Chicago, step aboard the grandest grab bag around. Upon arrival a brave new world will unfold right before your eyes. Pack light and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as you experience the sensational world around us - only with Ajira Airlines’ DESTINATION: DESTINY.
-Ajira Airways

Sky Club[]


Sky Club card.

The Ajira Airways site also revealed the new Sky Club membership card.

Earn miles to travel in style with the luxury-enhanced Ajira Airways Sky Club credit card. The more you spend, the more miles you’ll bank towards globetrotting escapades. Redemption provides you a solo seat or a chance to charter your own personal plane. Your destiny awaits.

Ajira Adventures[]


An image seen on the "Adventures" page of an Island.

On December 29th, 2008, the site was updated to include "Adventures" that could be taken. Antonio B. MacCutcheon posted these adventures on the site.

Free your body, soul and mind from the material trappings of your 60 mph world. Come out to the wild western barrens of Australia and get lost on Ajira's latest adventure - The Walkabout. There's no parallel to this perilous journey, rise from your paralyzed existence, rid yourself of any mental baggage and learn to walk miraculously into the curing wonders of the wilderness. Your compass and your hunting abilities will be your only friends as the hard ground carves you into a real man. Come see what the Aborigines had in mind for this ancient rite of passage and boomerang your sense of self along the way. Over the desert and through the cavernous mountains to the Eden-coasts that stretch for thousands of miles, this world is yours and yours alone. Come on the authentic Walkabout, only on Ajira Adventures. Once you take this journey, you'll never want to leave.
-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon


'Excavation: Ruins', an example of Ajira's adventure trips.

Escape your urban surroundings to discover the bleached beasts that are native to the southern hemisphere. When you go to the ends of the earth, you’ll never have to explain yourself to anyone under 800 pounds again. Every expedition into this barren territory is like discovering it 100 years ago, so go vaulting to the pole and conquer this breathtaking icecap covered wonderland for the first time.
-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

Take a tropical getaway to the islands to heal what ails you. From under the canopy, where it’s dark during the day, to hopping treetops between the millions of species greeting you in the mist - the only way to embrace paradise is hands-on. The wild is calling, so get in the thick of it and discover your inner survivor.

Travel Tip: Teach your kids some origami to make the time fly by. Be sure to use your boarding pass... you never know what you might find hiding right inside. Click here for detailed folding instructions.
-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

The deadliest divers in the seven seas are swimming for a living and waiting for your company. So go below the ripples and the wakes to uncover the watery world of a million living treasures. Gaze at the beautiful creatures until you’re deep blue in the face, but look sharp for the sharks - they rule this underwater jungle and you’re just here for a taste.
-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

Discover the ancient secrets of the long lost Polynesian civilizations, timelessly preserved in the world’s largest humidor - the South Pacific. Descend the steps and explore the antechambers, halls and places of ritual worship. Scour the mossy fossils of our human ancestors and uncover each unique brick, richly decorated and placed with the precision of a modern architect.
-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

Easter eggs[]


'Ulysses', also mentioned in a DHARMA Special Access broadcast.

Source code[]

A number of messages in hexadecimal coding have been found in the site source code on different pages. They are:

  • "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (From the Bible, John 3:16 - links to the Ajira promotional video).
  • "So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen games the like of lawn tennis and about hurley and putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up a nation once again and all of that." (This is a quote from page 316 of the Random House edition of James Joyce's novel 'Ulysses').
  • Pineapples in Hawaii. (Pineapples in Hawaii are called Halakahiki).
  • Supersonic is commercial thirty till meridian.
  • "Where America's day begins." (The official motto of Guam).


Ajira boarding

A copy of the boarding pass.

On the Ajira Adventures page, under the Island Adventures, there is the option to download instructions for making an origami 3D ball from plain paper [1]. A tag on the site says "Travel Tip: Teach your kids some origami to make the time fly by. Be sure to use your boarding pass... you never know what you might find hiding right inside". A sample boarding pass is also available from the site [2]. Printing out the pass and then following the origami instructions results in the airport code GUM (Guam) appearing inside the viewing hole on the ball when it is made. Also directly above "GUM" is the word "Time", perhaps linking in with the instructions "make the time fly by".

The pass also has other numbers on it. The bar code is 144 47 50E, whilst 13 29 02N appears on the "Airline use" line. Using these codes as coordinates, a browser such as Google Earth can be used to show that the coordinates are for Guam International Airport. Coupled with this is the source code message from one of the website pages "Where America's day begins". Not only is this the official motto of Guam, but the words also reportedly appear on the Airport building.

Guam airport

Pass coordinates of Guam International Airport, as shown on Google Earth.

When the bar code is scanned by a bar code reader the following is produced: 048151623426. This corresponds to the Numbers enclosed by standard bar code digits (a prefix of 0 and a check digit of 6).

The other airport codes on the boarding pass are: LAX (Los Angeles), HND (Tokyo Haneda International), GLA (Glasgow)- corrected 1/7 GLR (Otsego County, US, Michigan), GMP (Gimpo, South Korea), BUU (Buyo, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)) - corrected 1/7 - BWU (Sydney Bankstown), and PEK (Beijing).

Flight booking[]

With this information, one can access the flight booking section the site and select a seat. To do so, the following information should be entered here:

Flight type: One Way
From: Los Angeles, CA
To: Guam
Departing: 1/21/2009
Select Flight: 316 11:30am
Adults: 10
Children: 0
Promotional Code: 112114111109111

As of now, when you arrive on the seat selection page, a video of the boarding process for Flight 316 from Los Angeles to Honolulu and Guam plays, with background music similar to that which might be heard on LOST.

Once on the page, seats can be selected using a randomized system which produces certain images. The numbers of the selections that show images are as follows; 3, 4, 10, 15, 24, 34, 35. So, for example, the 15th seat selected shows an airport lounge with "Ajira" on the wall. On the 36th selection, a completed boarding pass can be downloaded (see here). A list of the images can be seen here.



Ajira Airlines truck seen on the street in Glendale, California, in front of a Disney corporate building.

Ajira translations[]

  • Ajīrā (अजीरा) is Hindi for "island" or "isle". [3] [4]
  • Ajira (अजिर) in Sanskrit may mean "a place to run or fight", "area" or "court; battle-field". [5] [6]
  • Ajira (अजिर) in Sanskrit also means "The Body" and "Any object of sense, air, wind, a frog" "Swift" [7]
  • Sanskrit ajira (अजिर) meaning "agile, quick, rapid" [8] might be related to the English word "angel" [9]
  • "Ājira" is the Arabic for "afterlife" in the Spanish Arabists School romanization system [10] (الآخرة - in ISO al-ʾâẖira-t [11])
  • Ajira could refer to the Hegira, or the journey made by Muhammad and his first followers to flee to Medina from persecution in Mecca. This "flight" to Medina resulted in the creation of the first Muslim community, and that city remained the base of Islam until the capture of Mecca some years later. The Hegira is a transformational event in Islamic history. For Muslims, the it marks the beginning of the Islamic era and is thus counted as Year 1 in the Muslim calendar. [12]

Boarding pass[]

Copy of ajira boardpass

destiny calls on the sides.

  • The barcode appearing on the Ajira boarding passes encodes the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 in UPC-A (EAN-13 symbology) barcode format.
  • The five Egyptian hieroglyphs that are seen on the Swan Stations Timer can be seen in the corners and top center of the pass.
  • The watermark on the pass includes the I Ching trigram for "Wind."
  • On the sides of the boarding pass it says destiny calls.

Technical information[]

  • The website domain WHOIS reveals a creation date of October 21, 2008, and a contact address at 2300 W. Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 90027 that is previously known to be associated with ABC Television [13].
  • The name servers are operated by LeeLee Films [14], a Los Angeles-area film production company headed by Grace Lee. The domain's registrant organisation name, "Christopher Braun", may be the same as Chris Braun, one of the show's assistant editors. The IP address for both ajiraairways.com and leeleefilms.com is the same,, showing that they are hosted on the same server. This fact suggests that the website is unrelated to the DHARMA Initiative Recruiting Project, because sites for that ARG were produced by the Australian entertainment company Hoodlum, in addition to the fact that its storyline has apparently ended [15].
  • A cached version of the Ajira website dated November 10th, over two weeks after the site was supposedly created stated the company's number and the words "Burky...Call Me!". Whilst this is most likely not in-game, it could have been the creators addressing Bryan Burk, the executive producer who is known by that nickname.[16]
  • Before the page's launch, there was a username and password requirement to view the site. The site said the word "bengal" when asking for this information, possibly in reference to the tiger as part of the company logo, meaning that the species is supposedly a Bengal tiger.
  • Flash content for the Ajira site is now being served from [17] and a website WHOIS shows that it is licensed to ABC. This is likely a reference to Admiral Anderson MacCutcheon, who is the namesake of MacCutcheon whiskey.



Sky Club card, initially spelled incorrectly as McCutcheon.

  • When the Ajira Airways site launches, the plane flies across the screen, and an island is seen in the background. This island looks strikingly similar to the Island.
  • At the Lost signing event on November 19, 2008 at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, Ajira Beer was handed out to those in attendance, with the same logo as seen on the Ajira Airways website.
  • The website initially listed the names as E.M. McCutcheon and Antonio B. McCutcheon, but this was quickly changed to E.M. MacCutcheon and Antonio B. MacCutcheon.
  • The site contains temperatures and times for major cities around the world. Rome, Italy is listed as 72 degrees at 8:28; the sum of these numbers is 108, the sum of the Numbers from the show.
  • The five watermarks on the corners and top-center of the boarding pass are the same hieroglyphs found on the countdown timer in the Swan station.
  • Ajira Airways appears to be an Indian airline, as Devanagari (used in the logo and in the promotional video) is used to write many Indian-based languages.
  • Time in Los Angeles is marked as 11:30 am on the site, and the time of flight 316 on the flight booking page is 11:30 am.
Ajira postcard

One of ABC's Lost-themed holiday postcards, with Ajira insignia.

  • The times listed with temperatures from around the world do not correspond. Each is several minutes faster or slower than the others from elsewhere in the world. While this would make sense for hours, it does not for minutes, unless one calculates and accounts for time differentials the way Daniel Faraday does.
    • Several cities share the same minutes - :x1 - Santa Monica, Ames; :x3 - Bangkok, Tustin, NYC; :x4 - Tokyo, Wellington; :x6 Seoul, Portland
  • Many of the cities listed are connected to the main characters of the show. (example: Santa Monica-Hurley; Ames-Kate; Tustin - Locke).
    • Seven of the cities appear to be the birthplaces or residences of those who must return to the Island (i.e., the Oceanic Six plus Ben and Locke) -- Jack (Los Angeles); Ben (Portland); Sun (Seoul); Sayid (Baghdad); Locke (Tustin); Kate (Ames); Hurley (Santa Monica).
    • Four other cities are capital cities: of Mexico (Mexico City), Italy (Rome), New Zealand (Wellington), and Thailand (Bangkok).
  • Prior to the site's relaunch on December 29, 2008, ABC issued a number of Lost-themed postcards. Some of the postcards featured the Ajira logo[18].
  • The site news ticker says under news "South Pacific Triangle: Pilots and sailors avoid a new Pacific location trouble area". This suggests that part of the Pacific Ocean is becoming notorious similar to a Bermuda Triangle area, and this assertion might be linked to the Island (or more specifically the consequences of its disappearance).
  • One of the flashed images shows N824. N842M is the registration of the helicopter in Season 4. [19]
  • In a digital advertisement for Lost on the Adspace Digital Network on mall smart screens, an airplane with the Ajira logo on it can be seen flying over the picture of the cast as audio of Jack saying "We have to go back!" is played.
  • The January 22nd, 2009 Official LOST Video Podcast was "sponsored" by Ajira Airways, and began with a brief clip of a woman introducing the video.
  • A billboard in Los Angeles, promoting season 5 of Lost featured the Ajira logo in the background. [20]
  • The female in the easter egg video clip is Zuleikha Robinson, who plays Ilana. The male in the clip is actor Saïd Taghmaoui, who plays Caesar.
  • At the end of the Ajira Airways "Destiny Calls" Promo Season 5 #3, the two workers say "Namaste".

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