There are several seat numbers known for Ajira Flight 316 which crashed on Hydra Island in 2007.

The plane had at least 21 rows with 8 rows in the First Class cabin. There were 78 seats open, giving a total of 104 seats.

There were 26 known passengers & 5 crew.


Passenger Seat Number
Sayid Jarrah 2A
Ilana Verdansky 2B
Sun-Hwa Kwon 3D
Kate Austen 4A
Hugo Reyes 5B (Also purchased 78 additional seats)
Caesar 5C
Benjamin Linus 8B
Jack Shephard 8C
Salinger 11B
Burnette 12B
Roxana Castillo 21D


  • Ajira Flight 316 was a Boeing 737.
    • In reality, Boeing 737s don't usually have an 8-row First Class. Most airlines that operate 737s have 2-4 rows.

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