After All These Years
Susan Isaacs
Publish Date
May 1994

After All These Years is a novel written in 1994 by the author Susan Isaacs. The book is about a woman named Rosie Meyers, whose husband leaves her the day after their 25th wedding anniversary for another woman. She is accused of his murder when her fingerprints are found all over the weapon. Rosie, a female English teacher needs to unmask the real culprit if she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life behind bars. On a trip to Manhattan seeking the truth, Rosie uncovers more than she ever thought possible.

In Lost

  • The book can be seen in the Swan station by Sawyer's bed as he is recovering from the injuries caused as a result of the raft incident (shown very briefly). (What Kate Did)

Similarities and shared themes

  • In Kate's backstory, she, like Rosie, is on the run after being accused of murder (though in her case, accurately, of Wayne).
  • Kate also, like Rosie, reunites with her childhood boyfriend - who is named Tom in each case - while on the run.


  • The publish date of this book (1994) was long after the time that the Swan was supposedly built (before 1980, the date of the Swan Orientation Film). This is likely due to prop error (background filler material used, not meant to be analyzed), given the extremely brief appearance of the book, though fans have used this to support hatch restocking theories.

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