Addicted to Lost

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Jack and Locke watch the video.

Addicted to Lost is a video of clips of Lost set to Robert Palmer's song and video Addicted to Love that was originally featured by ABC as a one-minute promo during the Super Bowl following the 2005 NFL season. The video was later released as a full, 3-minute version. The promo is official, and endorsed by ABC, although it is considered a parody and therefore Non-Canon.


Short/Promo Version (1:00)

Selected highlights

  • The video is cleverly edited;
    • It opens with a clip of Eko saying "I have something I think you should see".
    • It looks like Jack and Locke are watching the video as opposed to an Orientation Film.
    • The audio has been modified: instead of "addicted to love", Palmer now appears to sing "addicted to Lost".
    • There are numerous clever syncs within the video; audio of "you'd like to think that you're immune to the stuff" synced with clips of the quarantine notice on the station 3 hatch, as well as many others.
    • Jack asks Charlie, "How long since your last fix?"
    • It closes with a clip of Locke saying "We're going to need to watch that again".

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