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Adam Horowitz was an Executive Producer and writer for Lost. Horowitz is one half of a writing team with Edward Kitsis. The duo has been working together as a writing team for twelve years.

Horowitz and Kitsis were the first writing team hired by Endeavor Talent Agency of Beverly Hills, CA. Their first project with Touchstone Television was with the series Fantasy Island and Felicity. Carlton Cuse first met the duo when he hired them for WB's The Black Sash. When their work on Life As We Know It ended with its cancellation, Cuse hired them for Lost in the second half of Season 1 and they worked as writers and producers from "Numbers" onwards. They became supervising producers for Season 2 and continued to contribute episodes. They became co-executive producers during Season 3 and continued in this role for Season 4. They were promoted again to executive producers for Season 5 and remained in this role for the sixth and final season.

In February 2007, the pair signed an exclusive deal with ABC for a reported "mid-seven figures" through 2010.[1]


Adam Horowitz (left) and Edward Kitsis (right) on the S2 DVD extra "Dave"

Work on Lost[]

Horowitz has co-written the following episodes of Lost with Edward Kitsis:

Season 1 Season 2
Season 3 Season 4
Season 5 Season 6

He (with Edward Kitsis) also wrote the mobisode "The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt."


Other projects[]

  • Horowitz wrote Confessions of an American Bride, a made for television movie.
  • Horowitz attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he met Edward Kitsis. After graduating, they traveled to Los Angeles, and worked together on Fantasy Island, Felicity, and Popular before joining the Lost team halfway through the first season.
  • In "Exposé", which was written by Horowitz and Kitsis, Ethan Rom is featured wearing a University of Wisconsin logowear shirt
  • Won the 2006 Writers Guild of America Award for Best Dramatic Series for Lost.

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