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Achilles Gacis
Achilles gacis
Character(s) Orderly
Six Foot Five
Guy in car
Stunt double for John Locke and Kelvin Inman
IMDb profile

Achilles Gacis and Rand Wilson as doubles for Michael and Locke

Achilles Gacis is a stunt double and actor. He appeared in "Numbers" as an orderly for the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, in "Whatever the Case May Be" as Six Foot Five (a member of Kate's bank robbing gang), and as guy in car for "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2". He has also worked as a stunt double for Terry O'Quinn and Clancy Brown.


Achilles Gacis unmasked as Six Foot Five
  • Performed stunts for shows such as Baywatch and movies like Pearl Harbor
  • He is president of Hawaiian Stunt Connection as of 2006
  • Holds a Ph.D. degree.

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