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On May 9, 2009, the television show Ace of Cakes, a reality show that chronicles a Baltimore specialty cake bakery called Charm City Cakes, aired an episode titled "LOST in Hawaii". In this episode, Jorge Garcia calls Charm City Cakes and orders a cake to celebrate the 100th episode of Lost. [1] The Charm City Cakes employees travel to Hawaii and prepare an elaborate Lost-inspired cake. The show included numerous parody-style references to the show.

Most of the people at the bakery watch the show, and if they didn’t before they are catching up now on DVD.

—Mary Alice, Charm City Cakes

The cake

The completed Lost cake

Jeremy Davies with his gumpaste figure

The cake included many elements from Lost. These included:


A Muppet-style Charm City Cakes employee faces the smoke monster

Ace of Cake's special Lost episode intertitle

  • The episode began with a voice-over saying, "Previously on Ace of Cakes".
  • In a Muppet-style parody sketch
    • Duff is wearing a jersey with the number 15 on it.
    • Duff checks in for a flight from Sydney, Australia.
    • Duff's passport has the numbers on it.
    • A toy model of Oceanic flight 815 crashes onto the island.
    • Geof asks, "Where are we, and who packed all the tarps?" referencing the long-standing joke among Lost viewers that pokes fun at the unlikely number of tarps on Oceanic flight 815. (Official Lost Podcast/March 20, 2006)
    • Anna is chased by a stuffed animal polar bear. The polar bear is wearing a collar with a DHARMA logo that incorporates the Charm City Cakes logo in its center.
    • Mary Alice and Duff argue about who should enter the final number into the Swan station computer. When neither does so, there is a white flash, and Duff is transported to Charm City Cakes' storefront.
  • The Ace of Cakes intertitle was changed for this episode to mimic the Lost intertitle.
  • Using gumpaste miniatures, one of the bakers parodies a scene between Sun and Jin.
  • When some of the gumpaste figures begin falling apart, a baker jokes that it's not a problem because of the island's healing powers.
  • At various points throughout the show, pop-up captions like those in the Lost enhanced episodes appear. They include
    • "This is Ace of Cakes 71st episode."
    • "Mary Alice has seen every LOST episode."
    • "Geof has made only one other helicopter."
    • "Anna is a champion scrabble player. Her highest word play was 'RELAXING' worth 120 points."
    • "Mark's hobby is making prank calls."


  • Sawyer's gumpaste figure was given a shirt because Josh Holloway had complained that he is too often shown without his shirt.
  • During this episode, Charm City Cakes also makes a helicopter cake for a Hawaiian army base.
  • Ace of Cakes is one of Jorge Garcia's favorite shows.

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