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Enhanced version of Season 6, Episode 9: Ab Aeterno-Enhanced --

Act 1

This is Jacob

visiting Ilana in a Russian hospital

as first seen in the Season 5 Finale

“The Incident.”

Jacob’s task for Ilana is very dangerous.

Ilana eventually came to the island

on Ajira Flight 316 as seen

in the season 5 episode “Namaste.”

The six candidates include Sun, Jin,

Hurley, Jack, Sawyer and Locke.

When Jacob visited Ilana

Locke was still alive and hadn’t been killed by Ben.

Ben described the Temple

as the last safe haven on the island

in the Season 3 episode

“Through the Looking Glass.”

Ricardus is the Latin version of Richard.

The Others like to use Latin

which Juliet described

as the language of the enlightened.

in the Season 5 episode “Jughead.”

Richard Alpert is Jacob’s advisor to the Others.

Richard asked Jack to kill him

in this season’s episode “Dr. Linus.”

Richard believed he was wasting his life.

in service of Jacob

Richard is seemingly ageless

and has worked for Jacob for many years.

Richard is referring to the Man in Black

who has taken the form of Locke.

Locke wanted Richard to join him

and asked for his help as seen

in this season’s episode “The Substitute.”

Act 2

This is Richard’s wife, Isabella

Richard is the English version of Ricardo.

Isabella is sick and dying from tuberculosis

which in 1867

was popularly known as consumption

Richard had very little money

and worked as a field laborer

in the sugar cane field of the Canary Islands.

Antibiotics to treat tuberculosis

were not discovered until after World War I.

The doctor’s medicine isn’t real

and he was only using it

to con Richard out of his money.

Act 3

Richard is practicing his English

by reading the Bible passage Luke 4.

Luke 4 describes Jesus’ temptations

his rejection at Nazareth

and the start of his ministry.

Richard is another person

brought to the island

who has been directly or indirectly

responsible for the death of someone.

This is Jonas Whitfield

a former English sailor

in the British Royal Navy.

Whitfield now works for Magnus Hanso.

aboard the Black Rock slave ship.

Richard believes

he is being taken to be hanged

but Father Suarez

is selling him into servitude.

The Black Rock set sail

from Portsmouth, England

on March 22, 1845.

The ship was on a trading mission

to the Kingdom of Siam

but was lost at sea and never found.

This is the Tawaret statue

guarding the island.

Tawaret is the Egyptian goddess

of protection, birth and fertility.

In this time period the full status is seen.

The surge of water caused the Black Rock

to collide with the statue and shatter it.

leaving only the four-toed foot remaining.

The surging water also washed the ship

into the middle of the jungle.

Locke, Jack and Kate discovered

the Black Rock mysteriously land-locked

in the middle of the jungle

in the Season 1 Finale “Exodus.”

The journal of the ship’s first mate

was discovered in 1952

among the artifacts of pirates

on Ile Sainte Marie Madagascar.

Charles Widmore purchased the journal

in an auction in London as seen

in the Season 4 episode “The Constant.”

When Locke, Jack and Kate

discovered the Black Rock

they found skeletons aboard.

Richard is reaching for his wife’s gold cross

which fell off during the storm and shipwreck.

The sound is coming from the smoke monster.

The Oceanic survivors

encountered the smoke monster

their first night on the island as seen

in the premiere episode of the series.

Act 4

This is Richard’s third day

trapped within the ship.

Time has passed

and Richard has now been trapped

for five horrifying days.

This is now the sixth day for Richard.

This is not Isabella.

It is the smoke monster taking Isabella’s form.

The monster is trying to manipulate Richard.

This is the Man in Black

He was last seen in this form

in the Season 5 Finale “The Incident.”

He disagreed with Jacob

about bringing people to the island

and vowed to find a loophole

that would allow him to kill Jacob.

That loophole materialized

when the Man in Black

took the form of John Locke.

Locke then manipulated Ben

to stab and kill Jacob as seen

in the Season 5 Finale “The Incident.”

In the form of Locke the Man in Black

told Ben the only thing he wanted

was to go home as seen

in the Season 6 premiere “LA X.”

He later shared with Sawyer

his desire to leave the island

in this season’s episode “The Substitute.”

He said that he’s been trapped for so long

he can’t even remember

what it feels like to be free.

This is the same thing Locke told Richard

in the Season 6 premiere “LA X.”

Locke then beat Richard unconscious

and carried him off into the jungle.

Act 5

This is the same dagger

that Dogen gave Sayid to kill Locke

in this season’s episode “Sundown.”

And these are the same instructions

and warnings that Dogen gave Sayid.

The Man in Black in the form of Locke

told Sawyer that he was once a man

who knew what it’s like to feel joy,

fear, anger, pain and betrayal.

This is the first attempt by the Man in Black

to find the loophole to kill Jacob.

This is the four-toed statue

as discovered by Sun, Jin and Sayid

in the Season 2 Finale

“Live Together, Die Alone.”

Jacob live in the plinth of the statue.

as seen in the Season 5 Finale, “The Incident.”

This is Jacob

who claims to be the protector of the island.

The Man in Black

won’t succeed in killing Jacob

for 140 more years

when he will manipulate Ben to kill Jacob.

Act 6

Jacob’s rule about coming inside the statue

is the first rule of the island

that Richard learns.

In this season’s premiere episode, “LA X”

Richard tried to stop Bram and his team

from storming inside the statue.

Richard told them no one can enter

unless Jacob invites them.

They did not listen to him.

This is the nature of the island

and the first time it has ever been revealed.

In the Season 1 episode, “Tabula Rasa”

Jack told Kate it didn’t matter

who they were or what they did

before the crash.

Jack said they should all be able to start over.

This moment is the origin of the Others

and begins Richard’s long-standing role

as their advisor.

Jacob’s touch allows Richard to live forever

and never die.

Richard described his agelessness to Locke

as a gift from Jacob

in the Season 5 Finale, “The Incident.”

But in this season’s episode, “Dr. Linus”

Richard described his agelessness to Jack

as a curse and told Jack he wanted to die.

The white stone is a symbol from Jacob

that he beat the Man in Black

in this situation.

In this season’s episode, “The Substitute”

the Man in Black, in the form of Locke

found a similar white stone on a scale.

He threw the stone away

telling Sawyer it was an inside joke.

This is Isabella’s gold cross

which Richard lost during the shipwreck.

Burying the cross

is a symbolic burial of his wife

which Richard never had the chance

to perform.

This is the same location

over 140 years later

in the present time.

Jacob’s gift has remained true

and Richard hasn’t aged.

Richard is calling out to the Man in Black.

Richard now knows

that Hurley is telling the truth.

“Close your eyes”

was Richard and Isabella’s shared ritual.

This is the Man in Black in Locke’s form.

This is a flashback to 1867

after Richard tried to kill Jacob.

The Man in Black

was not able to leave the island

after Jacob was killed

because of the candidates.

In this season’s episode, “The Substitute”

Locke explained to Sawyer

that the candidates were on the island

to replace Jacob.