"A Touching Moment" is an orchestral piece from the Season Three soundtrack and Jack's character theme. It's gently played by solo cello with soft harp or piano accompaniment in most instances.

Main appearance

Jack explains to Kate that the Others agreed to send him home and that he is following her instructions in trusting the Others. He promises to return to the island for Kate and the other survivors.

Full list of appearances

"A Touching Moment" and its variations play during the following scenes.


"Achara, Glad to See Me?", "Beach Blanket Bonding", "Cereal Experience", "Closure", "Early Mourning Mystery", "Ex Marks the Jack", "Flash Forward Flashback", "Flying High", "Hurley's Coronation", "The Lighthouse", "More Locke Than Locke", "The Long Kiss Goodbye", "Moving On" and "Passing The Torch" use Jack's theme.

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