"A Sunken Feeling" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It is a variation on the piece that plays at the end of the season premiere's teaser, featuring several more instruments and blending with the main theme.

Main appearance

Jack, on the flash sideways Flight 815, struggles to remember whether he has met his neighbor. The view then shifts out the window and down into the ocean, where the remains of the Island are shown, now submerged beneath the Pacific Ocean. Underwater, the remains of the DHARMA Barracks are visible, and a DHARMA shark is seen swimming near Tawaret's four toed foot.

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Besides its own motif, the piece begins with the deja vu motif. It later uses the premiere's suspense theme. The version appearing on the soundtrack also blends this theme with the main theme.


The piece's motif reappears in "Karma Has No Price", "Sayid After Dentist" and "World's Worst Car Wash".

Title Significance

The title of the piece comes from both Jack's peculiar feeling that he knows Desmond, and the fact that the flash sideways Island is sunken underwater.

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