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ABC Enhanced TV allows television viewers to interact with the broadcast of their favorite shows. Viewers can play games, vote in polls, answer trivia questions, compete to win prizes, and get background information while watching their favorite shows. ABC previously offered Enhanced TV features for Lost, but the show is no longer listed on their schedule. However, the enhanced episodes of Lost are not produced by the ABC Enhanced TV division.

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"ABC's Enhanced TV is a LIVE Interactive Television experience on the Internet that allows you, the TV viewer, to interact with the broadcast of some of your favorite shows.

ABC's Enhanced TV, which provides coverage of various sports, entertainment and reality programs and awards shows including Monday Night Football, the Academy Awards and Super Millionaire, enhances your television viewing experience by allowing you to play games, vote in polls, answer trivia questions, compete to win prizes, get background information, and just plain have more fun while you are watching television. "


  1. Character Contest: Choose characters from the manifest and earn big points for appearances, actions and connections to the show's mysterious plots.
  2. Predict The Result and Trivia Challenges: Earn points for correctly guessing the outcome, and by answering cast and show trivia.
  3. Fan Forums: Submit your comments and thoughts about all things LOST - we'll display the best of the best!
  4. TV Audience Polls

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