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4 is the first of the Numbers. Below is a list of appearances on the show, by episode chronology.

4 is a very common number, so many of the occurrences could be coincidental. See article: apophenia.

Occurrences in the show[]

Season 1[]

  • Jack told the pilot that at least 48 people survived the plane crash.
  • Jack had 4 cuts on his face, two on one side and two on the other.
  • There were 4 Chinese characters in Jack's tattoos.
  • The doubling cube showed number 4 while Locke explained backgammon to Walt. (This changed to a 16 in the same scene.) ("Pilot, Part 2")
  • Locke blew the whistle 4 times before Vincent came running out of the jungle. ("Tabula Rasa")
  • Locke had lived with his paralysis for 4 years. ("Walkabout")
  • Sawyer told Kate, "It's about time. I made this birthday wish 4 years ago." ("White Rabbit")
  • Michael told the survivors to dig out Jack 4 at a time. ("The Moth")
  • Boone's T-shirt had the number 84 on it (in the form of a Japanese kanji symbol). ("Solitary")

Leonard Simms playing Connect .

Season 2[]


The Swan countdown timer at four minutes.

Season 3[]


Season four of the TV show Exposé

Season 4[]

The Lost Experience[]

  • Zander was missing for 4 months before Cliff began to search for him. (Bad Twin)
  • Cliff began his search for Zander on April 15th (4/15) (Bad Twin)

Season 5[]

  • Miles sensed the graves of 4 dead U.S. soldiers. ("Jughead")
  • Juliet fired 4 shots at the people in the outrigger. ("The Little Prince")
  • On the beach, Rousseau fired the gun 4 times - once at Robert, three times at Jin. ("This Place Is Death")
  • The donkey wheel blinked 4 times before John Locke turned it the final time. ("This Place Is Death")
  • Desmond told Ms. Hawking that going to the Island had cost him 4 years of his life. ("316")
  • Eloise's brooch had 4 points ("316").
  • Jack's Grandfather, Ray, made 4 failed attempts to escape from his retirement home. ("316")
  • Jack saw a photo of the Island dated September 23, 1954. ("316")
  • The death date on the headstone John Locke visited was April (month number 4) 8, 2006. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")
  • Widmore asked John Locke how long it had been since he walked into the Others' camp. Locke replied, 4 days. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")
  • The final time flash landed the survivors in 1974 ("LaFleur")
  • LaFleur beeped the horn 4 times for Miles to come outside. ("LaFleur")
  • The water tank at the flame bore the number 4 ("Namaste")
  • Young Miles found the dead body of Mr. Vonner in apartment 4. ("Some Like It Hoth")
  • Sawyer directed Miles to erase security monitor 4 where Sawyer and Kate appeared. ("Some Like It Hoth")
  • Horace told Miles to deliver a package to Radzinsky at grid 334. ("Some Like It Hoth")
  • Dr. Chang asked Hurley 4 questions before Hurley confessed that they were from the future.

Season 6[]

6x04 NoMoreLocke

The Man in Black crosses out Locke's name on the cave wall. ("The Substitute")

Outside the show and real life occurrences[]

  • The central tenets of Buddhism are called the Four Noble Truths.
  • The object in the Connect Four game is to get four of your checkers in a row, either in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal way.
  • 4 is a bad luck number in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese culture. It is associated as the death number.
  • 4 gospels.
  • 4 seasons.
  • 4 elements (earth, water, air and fire)
  • 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (war, famine, plague and death)
  • At the Passover seder every year, Jewish people ask 4 questions, drink 4 cups of wine, and discuss the story of the 4 sons.
  • Each U.S. Presidential term lasts 4 years.
  • 4 cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
  • 4 suits of playing cards
  • 4 food groups
  • Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses, Basses, Cuatros, and Ukuleles all have 4 strings