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Slide of the CT scans.

The 26-year-old woman is whose womb CT (Computed Tomography) scans are shown to Juliet during her recruitment meeting with Dr. Alpert of Mittelos Bioscience in her flashback in "Not in Portland". He offered Juliet leadership of a "team of highly trained people" as well as "complete freedom and money" to determine the cause of the woman's infertility.

CT scans

According to Juliet, the decomposition of the endometrium was suggestive of a woman in her seventies, but Dr. Alpert said the woman was only 26.

The CT scan is shown of lower abdomen and pelvis. Unfortunately the scan is not contiguous. There is free fluid in the lower abdomen and there is fracture of the right femoral neck. Foley catheter is seen within the bladder. There is no uterus present. These findings suggest that the producers obtained a copy of a CT scan from a patient who was involved in a trauma that had nothing to do with storyline.


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