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108minuten.de (literally: "108 minutes") is a German website set up by Pro Sieben, a TV station that airs Lost on German free TV. It contains a competition that has expired by now, as well as several other features such as animations, wallpapers, a screensaver and hidden background information. However, just like Lost: The Untold, this site is also considered "deuterocanon" by the Lost community.


The only "public" feature of the site that's directly available via the help menu. Available are four animated headshots done in ASCII style with changing green characters against a black backdrop, a screensaver and six wallpapers.


Originally, by entering The Numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42), the entering rules for a competition would be displayed. Now, they have been replaced by a simple message (in German) stating that the entering date for the competition has expired.

Hidden background information

By entering first "oceanic" and then "815", two additional options are unlocked.

The flight transcript

The flight transcript seen on the 108minuten.de website.

The "official flight transcript" of the last radio communication between the pilot and the tower at Sydney airport, which contradicts established facts from the show on several levels.

Official flight transcript Oceanic Airlines flight 815 Sydney Los Angeles on 11/22/04
Oceanic 815 = OA 815
CAP = Captain
F/O = First officer
C/A = Cabin attendant
[   ] = Sound in the cockpit
S-ACC = Sydney control
--- = Intelligible or meaning unknown


OA 815>: Mayday! Mayday! Critical errors with all crucial systems.

S-ACC>:  Oceanic 815 maintain height and change to 512 flap one step, positive rate, gear up, heading
         select, altimeter 1500, level change 250.

OA 815>: Impossible, Sydney. Zero response from steering and navigation systems.

S-ACC>:  Oceanic 815 were you struck by lightning? No indications from wheather radar.

OA 815>: Negative Sydney. We are going down!

S-ACC>:  Oceanic 815 we ve lost your signal. What is your current direction?

OA 815>: Cabin crew, prepare cabin for emergency landing. Sydney, preparing for open water touchdown.

S-ACC>:  Oceanic 815 please communicate your current location.

OA 815>: Sydney, zero feedback from navigation. Oh God, what was that—

S-ACC>:  Oceanic 815 do you copy? What happened?

S-ACC>:  Oceanic 815 please copy!

OA 815>: Sydney—broke off! We are—

S-ACC>:  Oceanic 815 do you copy?

S-ACC>:  Oceanic 815?


  • The date of the crash is stated as November 22, 2004, rather than September 22, 2004.
  • The transcript suggests that the pilot still had radio contact with the tower at Sydney airport immediately before the plane crashed, which contradicts the information he gave to Jack and Kate in "Pilot, Part 1", claiming that he lost communication with the ground six hours into the flight, and Cindy's claims in "The Other 48 Days" that he was flying into the wrong direction for two hours with no contact to the ground.
  • The general area that Flight 815 was in before it crashed was under the flight information zone of Nadi Air Control Center in Fiji. The pilot would not have communicated with Sydney Air Control Center right before the collision if he had communicated at all.

The manifest

The flight manifest seen on the 108minuten.de website.

Entering "manifest" will reveal a flight manifest for Oceanic Flight 815 that appears to be based on the manifest from the Lost: The Untold website including some carried over errors (some of them partially fixed), but also features various additional names that appear to have been added specifically for this site.

The flight manifest shows passengers (names without asterisks* are also included in the Lost: The Untold manifest; names with asterisks* are exclusive to this version) named:

  1. Kate Austin (Kate Austen) 27H
  2. Roy Alison 06A
  3. Leslie Arzt* 59D
  4. Rose Bernstein (Rose Nadler)* 13B
  5. Bernard Bernstein (Bernard Nadler)* 41D
  6. Carl Burgess 46A
  7. Leroi Brady 26F
  8. Boone Carlyle 09E
  9. Gratien Charlton 33D
  10. Eddy Colby 44A
  11. Anna-Lucia Cortez (Ana Lucia Cortez) 42F
  12. Michael Dawson 34A
  13. Thomas Eberwein 41A
  14. Mattie Esmond 66C
  15. James Ford 15D
  16. Elizabeth Franklin (Libby) 40E*
  17. Randal Fredrik 53C
  18. Dolph Gresham 84C
  19. Philip Georgeman 07D*
  20. Simon Hoff* 19A
  21. Jim Ismael* 33B
  22. George Iltman* 10B
  23. Sayid Jarrah 16A
  24. Jin-Soo Kwon 50A
  25. Sun Kwon (Sun-Hwa Kwon) 50B
  26. Mark Kremers 03D
  27. Claire Littleton 55F
  28. Steve Lalawethika 65F
  29. Walt Lloyd 34B
  30. John Locke 24D
  31. Mario Luz* 07A
  32. Edward Mars 27G
  33. Stephanie Norton* 04A
  34. Thomas Norton* 04B
  35. Zoe Norton* 04C
  36. Charlie Pace 29G
  37. Monique Plage* 08A
  38. Rolf Pelzer* 19B
  39. Joanna Ranting* (Joanna?) 53F
  40. Hugo Reyes 29G
  41. Ava Roy 14A
  42. Shannon Rutherford 09F
  43. Jack Shephard 23A
  44. Mike Thomas* 19F
  45. Eko Tunde* 49A
  46. Elijah Weldor 67D
  47. Harold Wollstein 24C
  48. J-R Young 25B
  49. Toras Yorick 56E


  • Kate's last name is misspelled as "Austin" instead of "Austen".
  • Rose and Bernard's last name is incorrectly stated as "Bernstein".
  • Rose and Bernard's names are listed in reversed alphabetical order.
  • Bernard is given a seat number 28 rows behind Rose, even though he was only in the tail section because he was using the bathroom there.
  • Ana Lucia's last name has been corrected to "Cortez" as compared to the manifest from Lost: The Untold that simply listed her as "Anna Lucia", and the hyphen has been added as well. However, "Ana" is still incorrectly spelled with a double "n".
  • Libby, whose first name was confirmed to be "Elizabeth" in "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1", is given the last name "Franklin" here despite it never having been mentioned on the show.
  • "Kendal Fredrik", seat 52C, in the Lost: The Untold version of the manifest, was changed into "Randal Fredrik", seat 53C, for this version.
  • Sun's last name has been corrected from "Paik" to "Kwon" as compared to the Lost: The Untold version of the manifest.
  • "Marc Kremers" in the Lost: The Untold version of the manifest was changed into "Mark Kramer" for this version.
  • Charlie's seat number was changed from 29C in the Lost: The Untold version of the manifest into 29G for this version. However, that seat is already occupied by Hurley in both versions of the manifest.
  • One of the new names of this version of the manifest that weren't in the Lost: The Untold version is "Joanna Ranting". Presumably, this is supposed to be Joanna; however, this contradicts Joanna's passport seen in "Born to Run", which states her full name as "Barbara Joanna Miller".
  • Elijah Weldor and Harold Wollstein are listed in alphabetical order as compated to the Lost: The Untold version of the manifest.
  • According to the oceanic-air.com website, the plane only had 42 rows of seats; however, this manifests lists no less than 84 rows. Also, Sun and Jin are listed as sitting in row 50, which would place them in the tail section, eight rows behind Ana Lucia, and Claire is listed as sitting five rows behind Sun and Jin, in row 55. Leslie Arzt, though among the middle-section survivors in season 1, is listed as sitting in row 59.

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