• Hi Asgan. Sorry for the English... No, currently there is no way for renaming. The method is normally a "Move" function that we have protected from normal users and is only available to Ru. Sysops. Of course there are currently no sysops other than the overall owner "Admin". We are running the new sites (ru.LP, zh.LP, ja.LP) without sysops for now to see how it goes. We will likely add Sysops at a later date to the sites that need it. Since ru.LP seems very active, that will likely happen, although it may be in the indefinite future. Sorry for the inconvenience. I also had a question for you. What is a good name for the equivalent of the en.LP's template:Crossref? This template puts the episode name in parenthesis, and is used to mark the episode to information or images in articles. Something short is good. Google language gives me: Перекрестные ссылки or екрестные ссылки. Is Шаблон:ссылки or Шаблон:Перекрест acceptable, or is there some logical contraction like the English conjunction "Crossref"? -- C¯ _Santa_ ¯T 23:16, 19 февраля 2008 (PST)
  • Hi, I will relay your concerns to our administrators. In the mean time, can we start a discussion about some possible candidates for sysop? There are no rules but some things that might be considered (but are not individually important) are: 1) number and frequency of edits, 2) maturity of edits or maturity of actual age, 3) standing in the Russian fan community (for example, owner/admin of a big fan site in Russia). Could you relate to me some of the well-known people from the Russian Lost community who have started to edit here at Lostpedia? Also other people you feel are "responsible". If you wish to do this through email, you can user the email link at the bottom of the left column (Письмо участнику). I'll be asking the same question to other users as well. Thanks! -- C¯ _Santa_ ¯T 10:13, 20 февраля 2008 (PST)
  • One more question: What is the Russian word(s) for "Voice actor" or "voice dubber" or "dubber"? -- C¯ _Santa_ ¯T 10:40, 20 февраля 2008 (PST)


Ответил тебе здесь: Обсуждение_участника:Mex. Не знаю, может ты уже заметил мой ответ, но на всякий случай я сказал об этом и тут чтобы наверняка.--Михаил 12:29, 5 марта 2008 (PST)


  • Hi again. Sorry I've been out for a while. I'll try to get your questions on interface typeface (Cyrillic) resolved. -- C¯ _Santa_ ¯T 00:24, 16 марта 2008 (PDT)

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