Primeira Temporada

UsoComo fica
{{ep|1x01}}"Pilot, Parte 1"
{{ep|1x02}}"Pilot, Parte 2"
{{ep|1x03}}"Tabula Rasa"
{{ep|1x05}}"White Rabbit"
{{ep|1x06}}"House of the Rising Sun"
{{ep|1x07}}"The Moth"
{{ep|1x08}}"Confidence Man"
{{ep|1x10}}"Raised by Another"
{{ep|1x11}}"All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
{{ep|1x12}}"Whatever the Case May Be"
{{ep|1x13}}"Hearts and Minds"
{{ep|1x17}}"...In Translation"
{{ep|1x19}}"Deus Ex Machina"
{{ep|1x20}}"Do No Harm"
{{ep|1xrc1}}"Lost: The Journey"
{{ep|1x21}}"The Greater Good"
{{ep|1x22}}"Born to Run"
{{ep|1x23}}"Exodus: Parte 1"
{{ep|1x24}}"Exodus: Parte 2"
{{ep|1x25}}"Exodus: Parte 2"

Segunda Temporada

UsoComo fica
{{ep|2xrc1}}"Destination Lost"
{{ep|2x01}}"Man of Science, Man of Faith"
{{ep|2x04}}"Everybody Hates Hugo"
{{ep|2x05}}"...And Found"
{{ep|2x07}}"The Other 48 Days"
{{ep|2x09}}"What Kate Did"
{{ep|2xrc2}}"Lost: Revelation"
{{ep|2x10}}"The 23rd Psalm"
{{ep|2x11}}"The Hunting Party"
{{ep|2x12}}"Fire + Water"
{{ep|2x13}}"The Long Con"
{{ep|2x14}}"One of Them"
{{ep|2x15}}"Maternity Leave"
{{ep|2x16}}"The Whole Truth"
{{ep|2xrc3}}"Lost: Reckoning"
{{ep|2x20}}"Two for the Road"
{{ep|2x22}}"Three Minutes"
{{ep|2x23}}"Live Together, Die Alone"
{{ep|2x24}}"Live Together, Die Alone"

Terceira Temporada

UsoComo fica
{{ep|3xrc1}}"Lost: A Tale of Survival"
{{ep|3x01}}"A Tale of Two Cities"
{{ep|3x02}}"The Glass Ballerina"
{{ep|3x03}}"Further Instructions"
{{ep|3x04}}"Every Man for Himself"
{{ep|3x05}}"The Cost of Living"
{{ep|3x06}}"I Do"
{{ep|3xrc2}}"Lost Survivor Guide"
{{ep|3x07}}"Not in Portland"
{{ep|3x08}}"Flashes Before Your Eyes"
{{ep|3x09}}"Stranger in a Strange Land"
{{ep|3x10}}"Tricia Tanaka is Dead"
{{ep|3x11}}"Enter 77"
{{ep|3x12}}"Par Avion"
{{ep|3x13}}"The Man from Tallahassee"
{{ep|3x15}}"Left Behind"
{{ep|3x16}}"One of Us"
{{ep|3x19}}"The Brig"
{{ep|3x20}}"The Man Behind the Curtain"
{{ep|3x21}}"Greatest Hits"
{{ep|3xrc3}}"Lost: The Answers"
{{ep|3x22}}"Through the Looking Glass"
{{ep|3x23}}"Through the Looking Glass"

Quarta Temporada

UsoComo fica
{{ep|4xrc1}}"Lost: Past, Present and Future"
{{ep|4x01}}"The Beginning of the End"
{{ep|4x02}}"Confirmed Dead"
{{ep|4x03}}"The Economist"
{{ep|4x05}}"The Constant"
{{ep|4x06}}"The Other Woman"
{{ep|4x07}}"Ji Yeon"
{{ep|4x08}}"Meet Kevin Johnson"
{{ep|4x09}}"The Shape of Things to Come"
{{ep|4x10}}"Something Nice Back Home"
{{ep|4x11}}"Cabin Fever"
{{ep|4x12}}"There's No Place Like Home: Parte 1"
{{ep|4x13}}"There's No Place Like Home: Parte 2"
{{ep|4x14}}"There's No Place Like Home: Parte 2"

Quinta Temporada

UsoComo fica
{{ep|5xrc1}}"Lost: Destiny Calls"
{{ep|5x01}}"Because You Left"
{{ep|5x02}}"The Lie"
{{ep|5x04}}"The Little Prince"
{{ep|5x05}}"This Place is Death"
{{ep|5x07}}"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
{{ep|5x10}}"He's Our You"
{{ep|5x11}}"Whatever Happened, Happened"
{{ep|5x12}}"Dead is Dead"
{{ep|5x13}}"Some Like it Hoth"
{{ep|5xrc2}}"Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6"
{{ep|5x14}}"The Variable"
{{ep|5x15}}"Follow the Leader"
{{ep|5xrc3}}"Lost: A Journey in Time"
{{ep|5x16}}"The Incident"
{{ep|5x17}}"The Incident"

Episódios Aprimorados

UsoComo fica
{{ep|3x22e}}"Through the Looking Glass-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x01e}}"The Beginning of the End-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x02e}}"Confirmed Dead-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x03e}}"The Economist-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x05e}}"The Constant-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x06e}}"The Other Woman-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x07e}}"Ji Yeon-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x08e}}"Meet Kevin Johnson-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x10e}}"Something Nice Back Home-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x11e}}"Cabin Fever-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x12e}}"There's No Place Like Home: Parte 1-Aprimorado"
{{ep|4x13e}}"There's No Place Like Home: Partes 2 & 3-Aprimorado"
{{ep|5x02e}}"The Lie-Aprimorado"
{{ep|5x04e}}"The Little Prince-Aprimorado"
{{ep|5x05e}}"This Place is Death-Aprimorado"
{{ep|5x07e}}"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham-Aprimorado"

Lost: Missing Pieces

UsoComo fica
{{ep|mx01}}"The Watch"
{{ep|mx02}}"Hurley and Frogurt"
{{ep|mx03}}"King of the Castle"
{{ep|mx04}}"The Deal"
{{ep|mx05}}"Operation: Sleeper"
{{ep|mx06}}"Room 23"
{{ep|mx07}}"Arzt & Crafts"
{{ep|mx08}}"Buried Secrets"
{{ep|mx09}}"Tropical Depression"
{{ep|mx10}}"Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack"
{{ep|mx11}}"Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum On the Golf Course"
{{ep|mx12}}"The Envelope"
{{ep|mx13}}"So It Begins"

Lost: Via Domus

UsoComo fica
{{ep|vdx01}}"Force Majeure"
{{ep|vdx02}}"A New Day"
{{ep|vdx03}}"Via Domus"
{{ep|vdx05}}"Hotel Persephone"
{{ep|vdx06}}"Whatever It Takes"

Jogos de Realidade Alternativa

UsoComo fica
{{ep|argx01}}"Lost Experience"
{{ep|argx02}}"Find 815"
{{ep|argx03}}"Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project"
3º simplificado
"The Project"

Parâmetros Oficiais

Um parâmetro opcional pode ser dado a predefinição. Examplos:

UsoComo ficaNotas
{{ep|1x01|.}}"Pilot, Parte 1."Mostra um '.' junto ao nome.
{{ep|1x02|!}}"Pilot, Parte 2!"Mostra um '!' junto ao nome.
{{ep|1x03|,}}"Tabula Rasa,"Mostra uma ',' junto ao nome.
{{ep|1x04|bold=1}}"Walkabout"Muda o texto para negrito.
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