De Officiële 'Lost' Podcast, wordt gepresenteerd door Kris White en bestaat uit cast interviews en achter-de-schermen info. En ook beantwoorden producers Damon Lindelof en Carlton Cuse vragen van fans.

Klik op de data in de eerste kolom voor korte samenvattingen. Klik Jalinks voor links naar gearchiveerd MP3-bestanden (niet langer op de ABC site of op Itunes beschikbaar--duurt enkele tijd om te laden) of lees de Lostpedia transcripten, als beschikbaar.

Synopsis Link Archived File? Transcript? Interviews Rehashes Prehashes Special Notes

11/08/05 Yes Yes Josh Holloway & Daniel Dae Kim Season 1, Early Season 2 "Abandoned"

11/14/05 Yes Yes Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly & Terry O'Quinn "Abandoned" "The Other 48 Days"

11/21/05 Yes Yes Cynthia Watros "The Other 48 Days" "Collision"

11/24/05 Yes Yes None "Collision" N/A Special writers' commentary to sync with episode;
Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Leonard Dick talk

11/28/05 Yes Yes Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje "Collision" "What Kate Did"

01/09/06 Yes Yes None N/A N/A Orchestra Special hosted by Michael Giacchino; Damon and Carlton do not talk

01/09/06 Yes No Michael Giacchino "What Kate Did" "The 23rd Psalm"

01/17/06 Yes No Harold Perrineau (P1) "The 23rd Psalm" "The Hunting Party"

01/23/06 Yes No Harold Perrineau (P2) "The Hunting Party" "Fire + Water"

02/06/06 Yes No Evangeline Lilly (P1) "Fire + Water" "The Long Con"

02/13/06 Yes No Evangeline Lilly (P2) "The Long Con" "One of Them"

03/01/06 Yes Yes Jorge Garcia (P1) "One of Them" "Maternity Leave"

03/20/06 Yes No Bryan Burk "Maternity Leave" "The Whole Truth"

03/28/06 Yes No Jorge Garcia (P2) "The Whole Truth" "Lockdown" Theme song vote; The Lost Experience introduced

04/03/06 Yes Yes Matthew Fox "Lockdown" "Dave"

04/10/06 Yes No Yunjin Kim "Dave" "S.O.S."

05/01/06 Yes No Josh Holloway "S.O.S." "Two for the Road"

05/08/06 Yes No Naveen Andrews "Two for the Road" "?"

05/15/06 Yes No Matthew Fox "?" "Three Minutes"

05/19/06 Yes Yes Daniel Dae Kim "Three Minutes" "Live Together, Die Alone, Deel 1"

05/26/06 Yes Yes None "Live Together, Die Alone, Deel 1" Season 3

06/13/06 No No Harold Perrineau & Malcolm David Kelly N/A N/A Interview only; Damon & Carlton do not talk

07/03/06 No No Jorge Garcia N/A N/A Interview only; Damon & Carlton do not talk

07/31/06 No Yes None Season 2 Season 3 Comic Con live broadcast

10/03/06 Yes Yes None Season 2 "A Tale of Two Cities" First video podcast; Comic Con fan questions answered

10/09/05 Yes Yes Elizabeth Mitchell "A Tale of Two Cities" "The Glass Ballerina"

10/17/06 Yes Yes Terry O'Quinn "The Glass Ballerina" "Further Instructions"

10/25/06 Yes Yes Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje N/A N/A Interview only; Damon & Carlton do not talk

10/30/06 Yes Yes None "Every Man for Himself" "The Cost of Living"

11/03/06 Yes Yes None N/A N/A Video podcast about a Damon/Carlton 'cross'

11/06/06 Yes Yes None "The Cost of Living" "I Do"

12/06/06 Yes Yes None Early Season 3 Late Season 3

01/30/07 Yes Yes Multiple Early Season 3 "Not in Portland" Video podcast, hosted by Kris White

02/12/07 Yes Yes Josh Holloway "Not in Portland" "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

02/20/07 Yes Yes Henry Ian Cusick "Flashes Before Your Eyes" "Stranger in a Strange Land"

02/27/07 Yes Yes Matthew Fox N/A N/A Interview only; Damon & Carlton do not talk

03/05/07 Yes Yes Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" "Enter 77" Damon & Carlton do not talk, Paul Terry the editor of the magazine speaks instead

03/12/07 Yes No Michael Emerson and Jean Higgins "Enter 77" "Par Avion" Damon & Carlton do not talk, New female presenter, though Kris White is heard interviewing Michael Emerson

03/20/07 Yes No Emilie de Ravin "Par Avion" "The Man from Tallahassee"

03/26/07 Yes Yes Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway "The Man from Tallahassee" "Exposé"

Running Gags Edit


  • Brokeback Mountain jokes
  • 'Hashing'
  • Tomatoes
  • Maracas
  • Same sex ice dancing
  • Zombie Season 7
  • Theme music about a talking car driven by werewolves that fight crime (AKA CAR-nivore)
  • Bi-athlons (Skiing and rifle-shooting simultaneously)
  • Holding each other's hands
  • Doing the podcast naked/not wearing pants
  • Censored Rose and Bernard love scene
  • Doing an exclusive 'Day Break' podcast
  • Random humorous sound files, such as banjos.
  • Watching American Idol
  • Subtextual Anxiety

Repeated CatchphrasesEdit

  • "So take that! Take that to the bank!"
  • "If I were a betting man..."
  • "Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!" (in reference to Sunday drag racing radio commercials)
  • "Don't make me play that banjo!"


  • His pants
  • His cold, clammy hands
  • He cries a lot
  • He's in a diaper
  • He watches other shows in that timeslot instead of Lost
  • Actor portraying him would be David Cross or Matthew Broderick


  • His shoes
  • His dancing prowess
  • His cowboy hat, or his sombrero
  • His nicknames-The Glass Ballerina, Man of the Jungle, Sparkles
  • His banjo playing skills
  • Actor portraying him would be Ted Danson

Trivia Edit

  • Kris is the producer and presenter of the podcasts. He also records Lindelof and Cuse's portion of the podcasts (addressed in the March 1st 2006 episode). Lindelof adds that they try to make him laugh to judge whether they are funny or not.
  • Kris has been known to sport a "soul patch" beard.
  • An unidentified woman (who sounds an awful lot like Terry Gross of WHYY's Fresh Air)records the cast interview portions of the podcasts.
  • Sometimes podcasts are recorded before an episode being recapped has aired.
  • Telephones ring occasionally. On other occasions, you can hear cellphone static.
  • They sit on a couch while recording.

External links Edit

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