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Aflevering 17
Geschreven door:
Javier Grillo-Marxuach
& Leonard Dick
Geregisseerd door:
Tucker Gates

[Shot of Jin's eye. Jin looking out at the ocean.]


[Shot of Jin in Sun's father's office, waiting uncomfortably while Mr. Paik signs papers.]

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: Why do you want to marry my daughter?

JIN [subtitled]: Mr. Paik -- I may be from a fishing village, but I have ambitions.

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: What are your ambitions?

JIN [subtitled]: To open a restaurant. To one day own my own hotel.

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: What does your father think of this marriage?

JIN [subtitled]: My father? He is dead.

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: What would you do for my daughter?

JIN [subtitled]: Anything.

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: Even work for me?

JIN [subtitled]: Of course.

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: Why would I give my daughter to a man who sells his own dreams so easily?

JIN [subtitled]: Because -- she is my dream. Sir.

[Mr. Paik rises and offers his hand to Jin.]

[We see Jin back at the beach. He sees Sun at the surf in a bikini and rushes over.]

JIN [subtitled, covering her with a blanket]: What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?

[They argue as Jin continues to try to cover her up. Everyone on the beach is watching them.]

JACK: There they go again.

CLAIRE: Do you think we should do something?

CHARLIE: What should we do?

MICHAEL: What's going on?

KATE: I don't know, he just walked up and started going off on her again.

[Shot of Jin trying to drag Sun off the beach; she falls and is angry. Michael runs over.

MICHAEL: Hey, hey, hey -- get your hands off of her.

JIN [Yells at Michael in Korean.]

MICHAEL: I swear to god, you put your hands on her one more time. . .

JIN [poking Michael's chest, speaks in Korean]

MICHAEL [pushing Jin]: Get your hands off of me.

[Sun steps in and slaps Michael's face. He looks stunned. Sun grabs Jin's hand and walks away, Jin jerks his hand away.]


[Shot of Jin looking at a watch, with Sun at the caves.]

JIN [subtitled]: What's going on between you and him?

SUN [subtitled]: Who?

JIN [subtitled]: Michael.

SUN [subtitled]: That's ridiculous.

JIN [subtitled]: Is it?

SUN [subtitled]: Nothing is going on.


[Shot of Sun getting dressed for a reception/party.]

BEST FRIEND [subtitled]: The colors are so beautiful.

SUN [subtitled]: Is it okay?

BEST FRIEND [subtitled]: It's really pretty. You must be so happy to be married.

SUN [subtitled]: Are you jealous?

BEST FRIEND [subtitled]: No.

JIN [subtitled, he pokes his head in the door]: Can I have a moment with my wife?

BEST FRIEND [subtitled, exiting]: Don't forget your guests are downstairs.

SUN [subtitled]: I'm so happy. I wish your father had lived to see this. [Jin's looks down] I'm sorry -- I upset you.

JIN [subtitled]: No. Wherever he is. I'm sure he is proud of me.

SUN [subtitled]: Will you button me up?

JIN [subtitled, kissing her shoulder]: Do I have to?

SUN [subtitled]: What about our honeymoon?

JIN [subtitled]: Sun, you know I want to. It's just that right now -- I want your father so see I'm committed.

SUN [subtitled]: He won't hold it against you. After all, I'm his daughter.

JIN [subtitled]: In 6 months -- after my management training is all done.

SUN [subtitled]: I'm just as important as his car company.

JIN [subtitled, putting a white flower in her hair]: I promise -- we'll have the honeymoon -- we always dreamed of.

[Shot of Sun walking toward Michael at the raft.]

SUN: Michael? I'm sorry.

MICHAEL: Don't worry. I stuck my nose where it didn't belong. It's on me.

SUN: You don't understand. . .

MICHAEL: Look, all I understand is that I've got to get this raft finished so I can get my boy out of here and take him home.

SUN: When I slapped you I was protecting you.

MICHAEL: Oh, yeah? From what?

SUN: From Jin. You don't know what he's capable of.

MICHAEL: It's not my problem. It's yours.

[Shot of Jin hitting rocks at the golf course.]

HURLEY [entering]: You should try sea urchin. They've got more ping. Hey, so listen, I know things got kind of nasty down there at the beach, and, um, I don't want to get involved in husband and wife stuff, but I figured, you know, you might need to relax. [He has two fishing poles.] So. . . [Jin looks over and then ignores Hurley.] C'mon, dude, I'm trying here. Okay, you want to be an outsider? It's your business.

[Shot of Shannon tying ropes.]

SHANNON: I tied this side down. Do you think this is going to hold?

SAYID: Do you have a past in the Navy you neglected to tell me about?


SAYID: How does a woman like you learn to tie a perfect bolen knot?

SHANNON: By dating guys with sailboats?

SAYID: Since you bring it up. I've been worried since I first met you that you might end up being a spinster.

SHANNON: Spending my Saturday nights alone at home, tying knots?

SAYID: Perhaps with an overweight aunt? It's a very sad image.

SHANNON: Maybe we should get some rope, spend a Saturday night alone together, and see what happens.

[Shot of Walt walking up past Vincent to the raft -- bringing Michael some wire.]

WALT: Dad. . .

MICHAEL: Thanks. You are going to love New York, Walt. No other city like it. You know what I really want to show you in New York are the buildings, the architecture. . .

WALT: Buildings?

MICHAEL: Yeah, I used to say that, too, 'til I saw the Flat Iron Building.

WALT: What's that?

MICHAEL: Oldest skyscraper in the city, built in 1902. It's flat. That one building inspired me to start drawing and, you know, designing things.

WALT: Why?

MICHAEL: You've just got to see it, man. You want to see it, right?

WALT: I guess. Could I go throw the ball to Vincent?

MICHAEL: Yeah, sure, of course.

JACK [entering]: Wow, you're making a lot of progress.

MICHAEL: Yeah, trying.

JACK: It's pretty cool.

MICHAEL: Got some bamboo for the decking. Got a piece of the fuselage for a cabin, some storage bins. What's up?

JACK: I thought I'd give you the heads-up.


JACK: Yeah, there's a lot of talk going on about who's going on this thing with you.

MICHAEL: Hey man, it's not the Queen Mary. I've only got room for 4 people. There's one open spot.

JACK: Who took the other one?

SAWYER: What's the matter, Doc? Feelin' left out?

JACK: You're taking Sawyer with you?

SAWYER: Yep, bought myself a ticket on this little tub. Let me tell you, the fare was steep. [He tosses Michael a coil of cable]. I could've used that cable to hold up the whole east wing of my new beach house.

JACK: You sold him a spot?

MICHAEL: I needed the halyards for the mast.

SAWYER: Good thing I'm a saver, not a spender, huh, Doc?

[Shot of Kate and Sun in a tent on the beach.]

KATE: How much longer are you going to let him treat you this way?

SUN: Please. . .

KATE: Sun. . .

SUN: He's my husband. . .

KATE: Yeah, a husband you're afraid to tell you speak English. I'm trying to understand, Sun.

SUN: He wasn't always like this. He used to tell me how beautiful I looked to him. He was so tender. And then he was different.

KATE: What changed him?

[Shot of people running on the beach. Kate and Sun leave the tent to see what's happening.]

KATE: Charlie, what's going on?

CHARLIE: The raft, it's on fire, look.

[Shot of Locke looking over at the burning raft. Everyone else is running toward it, trying to put out the fire.]

MICHAEL: No, no, no.

[Shot of Walt looking on.]

MICHAEL [to Sun]: Where is he? Where the hell is he?


MICHAEL: Where is he?

SUN [Speaks in Korean.]

MICHAEL: Where is he?

JACK: She doesn't understand you, man.

MICHAEL: Where is he?

KATE: Back off, Michael.

MICHAEL: No, her husband did this, and she knows. You're trying to protect him now, is that it?

KATE: She was with me.

[Shot of Walt trying to throw sand on the fire.]

MICHAEL: Walt, hey Walt. Get back.

WALT: I was. . .

MICHAEL: No, no, no.

[Sun runs off.]

KATE: Sun, wait.

MICHAEL: I'm going to break his damn neck.

[Kate and Jack step in to keep Michael from running after Sun.]

JACK: Take it easy, man. We don't know that Jin did this.

SAWYER: Oh, you're serious?

JACK: Sawyer, shut up.

CHARLIE: Jack, c'mon we saw him on the beach this morning.

JACK: That doesn't mean that he torched the raft.

MICHAEL: Yeah, then who did, Jack?

[Shot of Jin at the caves going through the medical supplies.]

SUN [subtitled]: What are you doing?

JIN [subtitled]: I'm hurt.

[We see that Jin's hands are burned.]

SUN [subtitled]: You did it? [Jin just looks at her] Michael was trying to get us off this island -- why would you...

JIN [subtitled]: Michael?


[Shot of Jin running up the steps in the office and then bowing to Mr. Paik.]

JIN [subtitled]: I take full responsibility for what happened, sir. The machinery is old, I should have...

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: I didn't call to reprimand you. I called to promote you. You will be my new special assistant.

JIN [subtitled]: Sir, I don't know what to...

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: Do you know Byung Han?

JIN [subtitled]: The Secretary for Environmental Safety?

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: Go to his home tonight. Deliver this message: "I'm very displeased."

[Shot of Jin knocking on a door. Byung Han answers.]

HAN [subtitled]: Who are you?

JIN [subtitled]: My name is Jin Soo-Kwon.

HAN [subtitled]: What do you want?

JIN [subtitled]: I work for Mr. Paik.

HAN [subtitled]: Mr. Kwon, please come in.

[Shot of Han's daughter on the couch watching TV with the dog.]

HAN [subtitled]: Please, have a seat. May I get you a drink?

JIN [subtitled]: No, I'm fine. I'm here to deliver a message.

HAN [subtitled]: Please -- not in front of my daughter -

JIN [subtitled]: Mr. Paik is displeased with you. That's all.

HAN [subtitled]: Thank you, sir -- thank you. Really! Please tell Mr. Paik that I won't make him unhappy. If there was some way I could apologize. . .

[He gets the dog from his protesting daughter and gives it to Jin.]

HAN [subtitled]: A gift. For you. It's a championship breed...

JIN [subtitled]: Secretary Han...

HAN [subtitled]: It's incredibly valuable. Please tell Mr. Paik I'm sorry. Will you do that?

JIN [subtitled]: I can't...

HAN [subtitled]: You must. Please. You must. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

[Shot of Boone at a fire on the beach. Sayid appoaches.]

BOONE: What do you want?

SAYID: I'd like to talk to you about Shannon. It's very possible your sister and I are going to become more than just friends.

BOONE: What is this? Some Middle Eastern thing? You want my blessing or something?

SAYID: My hope is you won't object.

BOONE: Yeah?

SAYID: I was extending a courtesy, not asking your permission.

[Sayid starts to walk away.]

BOONE: Let me tell you about my sister. She likes older men, guys who can take care of her. My guess is, in this place, you fit the bill. She'll make you feel like the greatest guy ever while you get her food, or whatever it is that she needs. And when she gets whatever it is that she wants, she'll move on. When she does, don't take it personally, man.

[Shot of Jin alone with eyes closed in the jungle. We hear the sounds of birds fluttering. Jin looks around, alarmed. He puts his hands in the river.]

SAWYER [kicking Jin from behind]: You messed up my ride, Chief.


[Shot of Shannon struggling to put up a sheet of plastic for her shelter. Sayid approaches.]

SHANNON: Hey, there you are. Come help me with this, I'm completely destroying it.

SAYID: You seem to be doing just fine.

SHANNON: Yeah, outside of making it collapse.

SAYID: You're very capable, Shannon. I'm sure you'll be alright building it on your own.

SHANNON: What's going on?

SAYID: Perhaps you should find another friend to help you with your shelter.

SHANNON: You've been talking to my brother, haven't you?

[Shannon storms off to find Boone and discovers Locke de-gutting rats.]

SHANNON: Oh, gross.

LOCKE: Gross to you, dinner to me.

SHANNON :Boone, where is he?

LOCKE: Don't know.

SHANNON: What do you mean you don't know? You two are like jungle pals.

LOCKE: Sorry, I haven't seen him.

SHANNON: Well, if you do see him, tell him to keep his stupid mouth shut. And if he does have something to say, he can leave Sayid out of it, and come say it to my face.

LOCKE: Should I be writing this down?

SHANNON: Just tell him to stay out of my business.

LOCKE: Do you like him?


LOCKE: Sayid.

SHANNON: Are you serious?

LOCKE: Because if you do, like him, what's it got to do with you brother? You're a grown woman. Sure, you can yell at Boone 'til you're blue in the face, but all you're doing is giving him what he wants.

SHANNON: Yeah, what's that?

LOCKE: Your attention. Everyone gets a new life on this island, Shannon. Maybe it's time you start yours.

[Shot of Sawyer with Jin as prisoner, pushing him along a path.]

SAWYER: You're pretty scared, huh? Scared, you understand scared, don't you? Huh? [Sawyer pushes Jin down.] If you ain't, you're going to be, Bruce. Folks down on the beach might have been doctors and accountants a month ago, but it's Lord of the Flies time, now.


[Shot of Sun with her hands over Jin's eyes, directing him to a feast-laden table for a surprise.]

SUN [subtitled]: Keep walking -- and stop now. Turn around -- sit down. [She removes her hands.]

JIN [subtitled]: What a feast. You made this?

SUN [subtitled]: For you. I thought we could enjoy a meal. Together.

JIN [subtitled]: I'm glad you did.

[Jin's cell phone rings and he puts it away without answering.]

JIN [subtitled]: Don't worry. No work tonight.

SUN [subtitled]: Thank you.

JIN [subtitled]: Of course.

SUN [subtitled]: Try this...

[The house phone rings, and Jin reluctantly answers it.]

[Shot of Mr. Paik and Jin at the office.]

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: Why is my factory closed? I'm losing millions because you were too incompetent to deliver a simple message?

[Shot of white-suit-thug-guy in the background].

MR. PAIK [subtitled]: You're driving my associate to Byung Han's house tonight. He'll show you how to deliver a message.

[Shot of Jin driving while white-suit-guy puts gloves on.]

WHITE SUIT [subtitled]: Keep the engine running. I will be inside less than two minutes. When I return, you will not drive faster than the speed limit. You will take this car to the riverbank eight kilometers away. Do you understand?

[At Byung Han's house Jin barges in and beats Han.]

HAN [subtitled]: Quick! Run. Mr. Kwon -- wait -- I can explain.

JIN [subtitled]: The factory opens tomorrow. I just saved your life. [to White Suit] He got the message.

[Shot of Jin coming home and washing the blood off his hands.]

SUN [subtitled]: Please talk to me. Are you hurt? Whose blood is this? What were you doing? What happened?

JIN [subtitled]: I was working.

SUN [subtitled]: Doing what? What do you do for my father? Look at me. Answer me. Look at me. [He pushes her. She slaps him.]

JIN [subtitled]: I do whatever your father tells me. I do it for us.

[Sun leaves the bathroom and Jin cries looking in the mirror.

[Shot of Jin falling into the sand. Michael comes running (with Walt).]

JACK: Michael! Take it easy.

MICHAEL: I'll take it easy, alright.

HURLEY: Hang on, man. You've got to slow down. Slow down.

MICHAEL [to Jin]: Hey, man. You burn my raft?!

JACK: Just calm down. Calm down and take a breath.

MICHAEL: You burn my raft? Why'd you burn my raft, man?

[Sayid and Charlie come running, others gathering around.]

JACK: Just calm down, and think about it for a minute.

MICHAEL: Look at his hands, man. They're burned.

SAWYER: Back off, Jack. It's got nothing to do with you.

JACK: Shut it!

HURLEY: Look, everybody chill out.

[The yelling voices become garbled. There is a shot of Jin's ear/face. Then a shot of Sun looking on, and Jin looking at Sun.]

JIN [to Sun]: [Speaks in Korean.]

MICHAEL: What'd he say?

JIN: [Speaks in Korean.]

MICHAEL [going toward Jin]: He said something to me?

JACK [getting in his way]: Michael.

[Quick shot of Walt looking on.]

JIN: [Speaks in Korean.]

MICHAEL: Say it again!?

JACK: Michael, Michael.

MICHAEL: No, no, no. Say it again, man.

JIN: [Speaks in Korean.]

JACK [trying to stop Michael running at Jin]: Michael.

[Michael punches Jin.]

JACK [trying to grab Michael, but Sawyer grabs him]: Hey!

SAWYER: Easy, Doc. One fight at a time.

SAYID: He's right. This is between them.

[Jack backs off. Another quick shot of Walt. Jin gets up.]

JIN: [Speaks in Korean.]

[Michael slugs him again, knocking him down. Reaction shots of the others at the beach. Jin gets up.]

JIN: [Speaks in Korean.]

[Michael is about to punch him again.]

SUN: Stop it!! Leave him alone.

[Reaction shots of people realizing that Sun can speak English.]

SUN: He didn't burn your raft.


[Long shot of everyone on the beach. Shot of Sun, Jin.]

CHARLIE: You speak English?

HURLEY: Didn't see that coming.

JACK: You understood us? All this time? Why didn't you say anything?

SUN [to Michael]: Your raft, it was already on fire when he arrived. He burned his hands trying to put it out.

MICHAEL: Then why did he run?

SUN [to Jin]: [Speaks in Korean.]

[Jin doesn't reply.]

MICHAEL: Exactly, that's what I thought.

SUN: My husband is many things. But he is not a liar.

SAWYER: You're going to lecture us about lying, Betty? From the look on his face, even your old man here didn't know you speak English. How do we know she's not covering for him?

LOCKE [suddenly on the scene]: Because she's isn't. Why would he burn the raft?

MICHAEL: He's been after me since day one, everybody knows it...

LOCKE: Okay, it's personal, but why take it out on our best chance of getting off the island? Why would any one of us block an attempt to get home? We're so intent on pointing the finger at one another that we're ignoring the simple undeniable truth that the problem isn't here, it's there. [pointing to the jungle] They've attacked us, sabotaged us, abducted us, murdered us. Maybe it's time we stop blaming us and start worrying about them. We're not the only people on this island and we all know it.

[Locke walks away.]

SUN: He did not do it.

[Michael and Walt walk away. People disperse. Sun approaches Jin but he walks away. Long shot of Sun alone on the beach.]

[Shot of Vincent sniffing around the burned raft. Michael kicking at the debris.]

MICHAEL: I can't salvage a thing -- pontoons, the decking. [Shot of Walt]. Fire burned up all the twine. Damn it!! [Michael beating the raft carcass. Walt is scared.] Damn it!! God! [Michael sees Walt and collects himself] I'm sorry, man.

WALT: It's okay.

MICHAEL: No. Come here. Come here, look, we all have set-backs. I mean, God knows that. It's just life, we'll start over.

WALT: You're going to building another one?

MICHAEL: Yeah. A better one.

WALT: Can I help?

MICHAEL: No doubt you can help. Come on.

[Sun finds Jin packing up his stuff at the caves.]

SUN [subtitled]: What are you doing? Please answer me. So you're going where - to the beach? Is that how you've chosen to deal with me? Why didn't you just tell me you didn't burn the raft? Why won't you speak to me, Jin? What have I done to deserve this? When did we stop talking?

SUN [in English]: I was going to leave you. I was going to get away. But you made me change my mind. You made me think that you still loved me.

SUN [subtitled]: I want to go back to the beginning. Can't we -- just start all over?


[Shot of Jin walking down a pier to a small fishing boat with his father in it.]

FATHER [subtitled]: Jin!

JIN [subtitled]: Father. Please forgive me. I was -- ashamed of you.

FATHER [giving him a hug]: [Speaks in Korean.]

[Shot of them with a trap, working on the boat.]

FATHER [subtitled]: What is she like?

JIN [subtitled]: Beautiful. Intelligent. Hardheaded. We don't talk anymore.

FATHER [subtitled]: Why not?

JIN [subtitled]: Because I can't tell her -- about her father. In a good world -- she would hate him, not me.

FATHER [subtitled]: It is a good world.

JIN [subtitled]: You don't know what I've done.

FATHER [subtitled]: You are my son. It does not matter what you've done.

JIN [subtitled]: I wish I could start over.

FATHER [subtitled]: Why can't you?

JIN [subtitled]: I have responsibilities.

FATHER [subtitled]: More important than your wife?

JIN [subtitled]: Her father wants me to deliver watches to his associates in Sydney and Los Angeles.

FATHER [subtitled]: Then let that be the last thing you do for him -- then walk away. Don't come back. Go to America. Save your marriage.

[Back on the island, we see Jin looking at Sun. He looks like he's almost going to go back, but sees his burned hand.]

JIN [subtitled]: It's too late.

[Shot of Jin walking away, leaving Sun alone, crying.]


[Shot of Sayid at night at a fire, as Shannon approaches. Silhouette of their profiles. Shannon kisses him.]

SAYID: What was that for?

SHANNON: Everyone gets a new life on this island. I'd like to start now.

[Shot of Walt and Vincent. Walt setting up a backgammon game.]

LOCKE [entering]: Got yourself an opponent?

WALT: Hurley owes me 83,000 dollars. I told him I'd give him a chance to win it back.

LOCKE: It's been awhile since you and I played. I don't have 83,000 dollars.

WALT: It's okay.

[Locke pets Vincent.]

LOCKE: Where's your pop?

WALT: Down at the beach, I think. I'm not allowed to leave the caves after dark. You have a dad?

LOCKE: Everyone's got a dad.

WALT: Is he cool?

LOCKE: No, no he's not.

WALT [rolling the dice]: Yes!

LOCKE: Good for you. Hey, you mind if I ask you something?

WALT: Sure.

LOCKE: Why did you burn the raft, Walt? Don't worry, I'm not going to tell. You must've had a really good reason.

WALT: I don't want to move anymore. I've been moving places my whole life. I like it here.

LOCKE: I like it here, too.

[Shot of the burned out raft. We see Michael working on it. Jin walks up with bamboo.]

JIN [in English]: Boat.

[Hurley walks by with his headphones on. Shot of Shannon and Sayid being affectionate, eating. Shot of god-light through the clouds. Sun at the shore alone in her bikini, removes the blanket covering her and wades into the ocean, smiles. Charlie brings some food or water to Claire. Hurley sitting alone, his CD skips and stops. He taps it.]

HURLEY: Son of a bitch.