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DHARMA initiative apparel

La tuta DHARMA è l'abbigliamento di lavoro di tutto il personale della DHARMA Initiative sull' isola. Fornito dalla Initiative, questa tuta è di solito di colore cachi e presenta il DHARMA logo sulla parte sinistra del torace. I loghi variano a seconda della stazione a cui appartiene ogni dipendente, e il suo nome e la mansione sono generalmente cuciti sopra la tasca sinistra del torace. Gli abiti sono dotati di differenti tipi di tasche sul petto; alcune hanno le zip, mentre altre hanno semplici lembi. I vestiti delle donne hanno una decorazione più piccola. Alcuni impiegati DHARMA e i lori figli indossano una t-shirt bianca con la scritta DHARMA come indumento intimo.

Other examples of DHARMA logowear include medical scrubs (e.g. as worn by Juliet in surgery) and t-shirts (as worn in the Pearl Orientation video).

Olivia's jumpsuit with female version pockets

Subjects wearing DHARMA-labeled clothing[]

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following refer to a khaki or gray jumpsuit.

The Main Logo:

  • Olivia Goodspeed - Teacher
  • Annie (T-shirt)
  • June - Technician
  • Casey - Gemologist
  • Opal - Nurse
  • Dharma Rep. 1
  • Doris - Mycologist
  • Fern - Worker, Crew
  • Wayne - Cartographer
  • Buzz - Workman
  • Jay - Worker
  • Eric - Construction
  • Daniel - Construction (as "Joe")
  • Tony
  • Raymond-cartographer
  • Jack Shephard-workman
  • Elmer-engineer
  • Ronnie (navy blue jumpsuit)-workman

Desmond and Kelvin in their suits

Kelvin's jumpsuit

File:Male suit types.jpg

Zipper-fitted version donned by Horace (right), as opposed to Mike's design with flaps (left)

The Swan:

The Arrow:

The Staff:

The Pearl:

  • Skeletons (polar bear cave)
  • Mike - Technician

The Hydra:

The Flame:

The Looking Glass:

The Orchid

Star logo:

  • Sawyer - Head of Security (as "LaFleur")
  • Jin - Security
  • Miles - Security
  • Phil - Security
  • Jerry - Security
  • Paul - Head of Security
  • Anthony

Wrench logo:

  • Juliet - Motor Pool (dark blue jumpsuit)
  • Kate - Motor Pool (dark blue jumpsuit)
  • Tom - Motor Pool (dark blue jumpsuit)

Chef hat logo:

Without logo:

  • Ben
  • The HAZMAT suits from the Tempest

*Denotes the wearer is not a member of DHARMA at the time.

Unanswered questions[]

  • Where were the members who wore the main logo stationed?
  • Why is it that all DHARMA workers wore jumpsuits with associated station logos and identification, but Ben's suit had no logo on it?

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