Theresa Spencer was an acquaintance of Daniel Faraday at Oxford University during the physics professor's brief tenure there researching temporal displacement. Little is known about Faraday and Theresa's relationship, but they were seen together in the photograph of the two on the Oxford University campus.

5x03 Theresa y Dan

Theresa and Daniel in a photo ("La bomba")

Whether Theresa was a research assistant or an experimental subject, she eventually succumbed to the effects of temporal displacement and, though she survived (unlike the rat Eloise and George Minkowski), she was chronically affected and became an invalid, requiring constant home care by her sister, Abigail Spencer, and a nurse. During her occasional moments of lucidity, she describes being a young child or having just been with relatives long deceased. Having previously funded Faraday's research, Charles Widmore financially provides for Theresa's care.

Because of what happened to Theresa, Faraday fled Oxford for the United States, and the university expunged any reference to him from their records.


  • In the casting call she was described as "Female, 30s, British, blonde. Pretty suffers from dementia but also has short periods of complete lucidity."

Unanswered questionsModifica

  • What was Theresa's relationship to Daniel Faraday?
  • What did Daniel Faraday do to Theresa to make her an invalid?
  • Why wasn't Theresa killed by the effects of temporal displacement?
  • Is this the same Theresa that was Boone's nanny mentioned in Deus Ex Machina?
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