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Seamus is a man who works for Charles Widmore. Alongside Zoe, he is part of the team that accompanied Widmore to the Island. When Zoe failed at gaining Sawyer's trust and was held at gunpoint, she whistled and Seamus, alongside two of his compatriots, emerged from the tall grass and ambushed Sawyer. ("Ricognizione")

Seamus was present when Widmore's team assaulted the Man in Black's camp. As they leaned over a comatose Jin, Seamus asked, "Is this the guy?" to which Zoe affirmed. After the Man in Black discovered that his camp had been ambushed he went to Hydra Island to speak to Charles Widmore. As he approached the makeshift pylons several warning shots were fired at him by Seamus, along with a handful of others. Seamus stood careful guard as the Man in Black declared war on Charles Widmore. Later that night, Seamus and Zoe went to the submarine to bring Charles 'the package,' which turned out to be Desmond. ("Il pacco")


  • He wasn't named in "Ricognizione", but was credited as Seamus.
  • The casting call described him as "Seamus. Any ethnicity, 30s-40s. A scientist with some physicality to him. Not afraid to take charge and give orders. Looking for someone interesting." [1]
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