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Sayid Hassan Jarrah (Arabic:سعيد جراح) è un passeggero della sezione centrale del Volo Oceanic 815.

Sul Volo 815Modifica

Sul volo, Sayid assiste Jack Shephard dopo che l'hostess Cindy Chandler chiede aiuto per salvare qualcuno.

Dopo il voloModifica

Sayid encounters Leslie Arzt at the baggage carousel, while looking at a picture of Noor "Nadia" Abed Jazeem in his passport. ("Los Angeles LA X, seconda parte")

Sayid catches a taxi to a house. He walks up to the door and rings the bell, with Nadia answering. It is revealed that in this reality, Sayid's brother Omer is married to Nadia, making her his sister-in-law. They have two children.
Omer soon reveals to Sayid that he is in financial trouble after taking a loan in order to open another store in his dry-cleaning business. His lender continues to demand money although Omer claims his debt has been fully paid. He asks Sayid to help him, presumably by threatening or killing the man, citing his experience as an interrogator for the Republican Guard. Sayid refuses, claiming he is "not that man" anymore. Omer says that he knows Sayid has feelings for Nadia, and uses this as a further reason for Sayid to help protect his household.
The next day Omer is suspiciously attacked and admitted to hospital. Nadia begs Sayid not to take revenge but to go back the house and look after his niece and nephew.
Sayid is later approached on the street and taken to a kitchen where a man who introduces himself as Martin Keamy explains that payments need to be made for what Omer owed him. Sayid accuses Keamy of putting his brother in hopsital, before shooting and killing Keamy and his henchmen.
Sayid then finds a Korean man bound and gagged in the freezer room. He removes the tape from his mouth and asks him who he is but the man responds, "no English". ("Tramonto")

Curiosità Modifica

  • Il suo passaporto è iraniano.

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