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Richard Alpert (conosciuto anche, in Latino, come Ricardus, e col suo vero nome, in Spagnolo, Ricardo) è da molto tempo un abitante dell' Isola, che arrivò a bordo della Roccia Nera nel 1867. He held a form of leadership position with the Others, un gruppo chiamato dal progetto DHARMA "Ostili." Secondo Ben, Richard era una sorta di "consigliere". From his first chronological appearance off island in the late 1800's to current events on the Island, Richard perpetually appears to be in his late 30s or early 40s, whether on or off the Island. Only his hairstyle and manner of dress appear to change, and that change seems dependent on the circumstances surrounding him. He requested that Jacob would allow Richard to live forever in exchange for service. However, Richard believes others might have the ability to kill him. In the outside world, he presented himself as a recruiter for Mittelos Bioscience, and helped bring Juliet to the Island in 2001.

Prima del naufragio della Roccia Nera


Ricardo riding his horse in Tenerife. ("Ab aeterno")

Si conosce veramente poco sul passato di Richard eccetto che viveva a Tenerife, nelle Isole Canarie. Aveva una moglie chiamata Isabella. Richard e Isabella volevano partire per il Nuovo Mondo e costruire una famiglia. Richard imparò l'inglese per prepararsi ai suoi viaggi.("Ab aeterno")


Isabella muore quando Richard non riesce a portare in tempo una medicina. Nel corso del viaggio per trovare la medicina, Ricardo uccide involontariamente un medico e perciò viene arrestato. Prima della sua condanna a morte, Ricardo viene comprato come schiavo per la nave "Roccia Nera". ("Ab aeterno")

After the Black Rock's shipwreck


Richard aboard the Black Rock ("Ab aeterno")

The Black Rock was swept inland to the Island by a storm, toppling the statue of Taweret. After Richard awakened, he narrowly avoided death when Jonas Whitfield began killing all the slaves aboard the ship. Before Richard could be killed, The Man in Black (in the form of black smoke) appeared and killed Whitfield, along with the remainder of the crew. Richard, whom the Monster appeared to scan, was spared. Richard struggled to escape his shackles for a lengthy period of time, but ultimately failed. Not long after a sudden storm brought rainwater cascading into the brig, but despite his struggles Richard was unable to catch even a drop.

Richard is confronted by the Man in Black. ("Ab aeterno")

A short time later, the Man in Black appeared to Richard in the form of his wife, Isabella, and later, in the form of a middle-aged black-haired man, who let Richard out of his chains in exchange for Richard's agreement to serve the Man in Black in whatever way possible. Richard left the wreckage of the Black Rock along with the Man in Black, never to return for 140 years. ("Dottor Linus") The Man in Black later tried to convince Richard to kill Jacob. The Man in Black enforced Richard's belief that the Island was hell, and that Jacob was the Devil, whom Richard needed to kill. The Man in Black did, however, admit that he was the Black Smoke, when Richard assumed that this was Jacob, but managed to persuade Richard to murder the so-called "Devil" anyway, despite his hesitations. He instructed him to use the knife that he subsequently handed him and advised him not to let Jacob talk to him, because "he is very persuasive".

Jacob proves to Richard he is alive. ("Ab aeterno")

Richard found the remains of the statue of Taweret on the beach and approached the plinth, where Jacob assaulted him. Richard struggled and attempted to stab Jacob but was disarmed. Jacob demanded Richard tell him who gave him the knife. Richard demanded to know where his wife was. Jacob did not know her by name and asked if she had come on the ship with him, but Richard replied that she was dead. This logic irritated Jacob, who asked Richard if he had met a man dressed in black. Richard said he had, and repeated what the Man in Black had told him: that the Island was Hell and Jacob was the Devil. Jacob responded by forcibly immersing Richard in the nearby surf repeatedly until he declared that he wanted to live. Jacob then praised him for finally being sensible. Later the two sat together drying off by a fire. Jacob explained the nature of the Island to Richard by comparing it to a cork that stoppers wine in a bottle. Jacob compared the wine metaphorically to "malevolence" which could spread to the world without the cork.

Richard is touched by Jacob and becomes immortal. ("Ab aeterno")

After revealing that he has brought other people to the Island, Jacob added that he wanted people to be able to tell the difference between right and wrong without him having to explain it. Jacob subsequently offered Richard the job of representative or intermediary for him to the people whom he would bring to the Island. As compensation Richard demanded to have his wife back but Jacob confessed he couldn't do that. Richard next requested Jacob absolve him from his sins, but Jacob again said he couldn't. Richard finally requested to live forever, which Jacob said he could make happen. He reached across and touched Richard on the shoulder. With this, Richard became the first of the people who would later be known as "The Others."

Afterward, Richard met the Man in Black again who realized that he had spoken with Jacob. Richard gave him a gift from Jacob, a little white rock, and the Man in Black reassured him that his offer to join his forces would always stand. Upon the Man in Black's departure, Richard buried his wife's pendant and crucifix and said goodbye to his love. ("Ab aeterno")


Richard and Widmore do not see eye to eye regarding John Locke. ("La bomba")

Richard's next chronological appearance was 87 years later, at the Others' camp in 1954. Although Richard appeared to be in charge of the Others, it is unclear (and unlikely) since it has been alluded that he serves as advisor to whoever is leader at the time. Later it was revealed that two of his subordinates from 1954, Ellie and Charles Widmore, eventually became leaders.

During this time period, the US government had sent military personnel to various Pacific islands to test hydrogen bombs. One such bomb, Jughead, was brought to the Island. Richard told the soldiers to leave the Island and when they refused, the Others attacked and killed them. After burying the bodies, The Others took over their camp, weapons, clothes, tents, and other equipment. ("La bomba") Jughead was left on the Island, undetonated.

At the camp, Richard was presented with Daniel, Miles and Charlotte, who had been captured by Ellie after flashing back to 1954. Accused of being with the military, Daniel decided that it was safer to follow the misconception and responded that they were in the military but were only scientists, which Ellie doubted. Richard questioned them and eventually believed that Daniel was a scientist. When Daniel offered to disarm the bomb, Richard asked how he could trust that they weren't on a suicide mission in retaliation for killing the soldiers. Daniel's response that he loved Charlotte and would not want any harm to come to her convinced Richard, and he allowed Ellie to escort Daniel at gunpoint to the bomb. ("La bomba")

Richard observes Locke's compass in 1954. ("La bomba")

Before they left, a young Charles Widmore arrived at the camp, explaining that he was captured by people in the jungle. Widmore questioned Richard's leadership in trusting one of "them" (the military). Soon afterward, a bald man in his late-forties arrived at the camp, calling for Richard, but Widmore stopped him at gun point. Richard approached the man who introduced himself as John Locke and said that he was sent by Jacob. At this, Richard ordered Widmore to stand down.

In a tent Locke showed Richard the compass Richard had given him, and explained that he knew Richard in the future, where Locke is leader of the Others. Richard was skeptical because the leader selection process which begins at a very young age and is very strict. To prove his claims, Locke said that in two years he would be born in Tustin, California, and that Richard should go visit him. Locke then asked how to leave the Island, but Richard told him this was privileged information. Locke, who heard a time flash starting, pleaded with Richard to tell him, but before a hesitant Richard could answer the time jump occurred and Locke disappeared. ("La bomba")

Incontro con John Locke

Nel 1956 Richard si trovava nell’ospedale dove, poco tempo prima, John Locke era stato dato alla luce da sua madre Emily. Lo vediamo osservare il neonato, messo in incubatrice perché prematuro, da una finestra. Pochi anni dopo, Alpert va a visitare il piccolo Locke, affidato ad un orfanotrofio. L'uomo gli mette davanti una serie di oggetti: un guantone da baseball, un libro, un'ampolla contenente sabbia, una bussola, un fumetto e un coltello, dicendogli di scegliere l'articolo che sente come se gli fosse appartenuto in passato. Inizialmente, John prende la boccetta di sabbia e la bussola, compiacendo Richard ma, quando il bimbo preferisce impossessarsi del pugnale, l'uomo gli segnala di aver dato la risposta sbagliata e si allontana frettolosamente.

Circa undici anni dopo, Richard contatta il professore di scienze della Cowin Heights High School per offrire a Locke la possibilità di partecipare ad un campeggio scientifico a Portland, sovvenzionato della Mittelos Laboratories, ma John rifiuta. ("Ricerca febbrile")

Confrontations with DHARMA Initiative

File:3x20 DifferentRichard.jpg

Richard meets Ben for the first time in the jungle. ("L'uomo dietro le quinte")

Richard was one of the "Hostiles" present on the Island alongside the DHARMA Initiative. In 1973, a young Benjamin Linus encountered him after taking off into the jungle, searching for an apparition of his dead mother. Richard, at this time sporting long hair, was dressed in primitive clothing but had a twentieth century holster on his right hip. Richard reassured Ben and asked why he was out in the jungle alone. When Ben explained what he had seen, and that she had died off the Island, Richard was visibly interested in this development, but told him to return home. Ben, however, pleaded with Richard to let him return to the "Hostiles" with him. Considering this, the older man told him that this might be possible, but that Ben would need to be "very, very patient." ("L'uomo dietro le quinte")

File:5x08 richard truce.jpg

Richard approaches the Barracks after he thinks the truce is broken. ("LaFleur")

In 1974, Richard strode into the DHARMA barracks after dark, causing general panic. He placed a torch in the ground and waited, until Horace Goodspeed came to meet him. Richard accused DHARMA of breaking their truce by having killed two of his men. Sawyer told Horace that he would talk to Richard, describing him as "your buddy out there with the eyeliner". Sawyer, having been stranded in that year after Locke turned the frozen wheel, emerged from a cabin and confronted Richard. Sawyer told Richard he was not a member of the DHARMA Initiative, as Richard originally assumed, citing his knowledge of the events in 1954 as proof. The two made a deal that the truce between DHARMA and the Others would remain unbroken (Sawyer having killed two of his men, an act that, due to him being a third party reacting in self-defense, did not constitute violation of the truce) if the Initiative surrendered the body of Paul, the man killed in the confrontation between the two groups, as payment for the two deaths. ("LaFleur")

File:5x11 RichardRecievesBen.jpg

Sawyer and Kate bring a wounded Ben to Richard. ("Quel che è stato è stato")

In 1977, Sawyer and Kate, carrying the seriously wounded young Ben, attempted to find the Others so they could help Ben. After they were captured by the Others, Sawyer demanded that they be taken to Richard, because Ben's death would have repercussions on both the DHARMA Initiative and the Others. After telling them that Ben would remember none of this and would be "one of them" (an Other) for good after this, Richard carried Ben through the jungle and brought him into the Temple. ("Quel che è stato è stato") After taking Ben back to the Others' camp, Richard was met by Charles Widmore, who berated him for bringing the boy back to camp. Richard informed Charles that it was Jacob's orders. ("Ciò che è morto è morto")

File:5x14 DanielAndRichard.jpg

Richard is held at gunpoint by Daniel Faraday, demanding information about the bomb. ("Costanti e variabili")

Short time later, Daniel Faraday infiltrated the Others' camp, threatening them with a gun and demanding to meet Ellie. Richard tried to calm him down by telling that Ellie was not present there at the moment. Upon hearing that, Daniel demanded to know where Richard had buried Jughead. Pointing his gun at Richard, Daniel told that he would count to three. Before he could do so, he was shot from behind by Ellie. Richard asked why she did it, to which Ellie replied that Daniel was threatening Richard. He then watched as Daniel revealed that he was Ellie's son, before dying from his wound. ("Costanti e variabili")

Charles Widmore then appeared with Jack and Kate as prisoners. After Ellie read Daniel's journal and had a conversation with the two, she ordered to release them despite Widmore's protests. She then asked Richard to accompany them to the Jughead. Richard, Jack, Kate, Ellie and Erik soon reached a lake, which hid the passage to the bomb underneath the water. Kate tried to go away, making Erik aim his gun at her. However, Erik was shot down by Sayid, who suddenly appeared out of the jungle. With Kate left and Sayid joined, the rest soon reached the tunnels, where the Jughead had been hidden. ("Il nuovo leader")

File:5x16 ProtectingMyLeader.jpg

Richard informs Jack and Sayid that they are on their own. ("L'incidente, prima parte")

While Sayid was working to remove the core of the Jughead to bring it to the Swan station, Richard asked Jack if he knew John Locke. He told him that Locke had marched into their camp twenty-three years ago saying he was their leader, and that he had been off the island three times now to visit Locke, but had no reason to believe that John was special. Jack told him that he knew who Locke was, and told Richard not to give up on him.

The group then traveled further down the tunnels, where Richard used a hammer to break down a wall leading to a house in the Barracks. Ellie then decided that she should go into the house first, but Richard knocked her out with his gun, telling Jack and Sayid that Ellie ordered him to help them get the bomb, which he did, and that he was just protecting their leader. ("L'incidente, prima parte")

Richard was next seen in 1989 at the Others' camp where Ben and Charles shared a heated argument over Danielle Rousseau and her daughter Alex. ("Ciò che è morto è morto")

File:3x20 richard purge.jpg

Richard talks to Ben shortly after the purge is complete. ("L'uomo dietro le quinte")

On December 19, 1992, Richard led the Hostiles in the Purge when they slaughtered the DHARMA Initiative population with gas from their own station, the Tempest. After the gas had dissipated, he emerged from the Barracks with the other Hostiles to meet Ben, then in his late twenties, who had just returned from personally killing his father in the same way. Richard offered to go out and bring Roger's body back, but Ben coldly told him to leave the corpse where it was. The other dead members of the DHARMA Initiative were taken to a mass grave in the jungle. ("L'uomo dietro le quinte") At some point, Ben became the leader of the group, succeeding Charles Widmore, which would evolve to become what Rousseau and the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 would call "the Others."

Sometime after the Purge, Richard was seen in the Barracks where the DHARMA Initiative used to reside. Richard approached Ben and informed him that the submarine was about to leave, telling Ben that he did not need to see its passenger off if he didn't want to. Ben felt he needed to, however, and went to the dock, where he saw a handcuffed Charles Widmore being exiled from the island. ("Ciò che è morto è morto")

Incontro con Juliet Burke

Dopo essersi presentato come dottor Alpert, Richard collabora con Ethan Rom per convincere Juliet a lavorare nelle strutture di ricerca della Mittelos Bioscience, che lui dichiara trovarsi vicino a Portland. Più tardi, l'uomo dirà alla dottoressa Burke che la sede della Mittelos non è esattamente a Portland. ("Non a Portland")

Juliet incontra nuovamente Richard ed Ethan all'air terminal della Herarat Aviation. In una sala partenze, Alpert convince la Burke a bere un bicchiere di aranciata corretta con del sonnifero, per permettere alla dottoressa di affrontare meglio il lungo viaggio verso le strutture della Mittelos.

Il 22 settembre 2004, il giorno dell'incidente aereo, Richard è a Miami per filmare dal vivo Rachel, la sorella di Juliet, e suo figlio Julian in un parco. La data viene mostrata da Alpert puntando la videocamera su una copia del “Miami Journal”. Anche se l'uomo non si vede e non parla durante il collegamento, Ben (che comunica con lui tramite un auricolare) lo chiama per nome due volte e, alla fine della conversazione, gli dice di tornare sull'Isola perché avrebbero avuto degli ospiti (ovvero i superstiti del volo 815). ("Una di noi")

Dopo lo schianto

On September 22nd, 2004, moments after Flight 815 crashed onto the Island, Ben took Juliet to the Flame station, where Mikhail patched them through to a live broadcast of Richard filming in Miami. The broadcast showed Juliet's sister and nephew having a happy moment at a playground, with the date illustrated by Richard filming a Miami Journal newspaper header. Though Richard was not visible in the footage, Ben referred to him by name and urged him to return quickly, mentioning the possibility of new "visitors". ("Una di noi")

Terza stagione (Giorni 80-90)

Dopo che Locke si è introdotto in casa di Ben dopo aver rintracciato l’ubicazione di Otherville,Linus chiede a Richard di andare a prendere l’uomo di Tallahassee. Poco dopo, Alpert accompagna Ben e John nella stanza dove il padre di Locke, Anthony Cooper, è tenuto prigioniero. ("L'uomo di Tallahassee")

Dopo una settimana,a seguito dell’incapacità di John di uccidere il genitore (condizione posta da Ben affinché Locke possa seguire gli Altri durante il loro cammino),Richard gli parla in privato,spiegandogli che Linus sa che lui non riuscirà mai ad assassinare il padre e che ha fatto tutto ciò solo per metterlo in imbarazzo davanti agli Altri, in modo tale che non potessero pensare che sia una persona speciale. Durante la chiacchierata, Alpert gli comunica le proprie opinioni riguardo alla leadership di Ben, dicendogli che Linus sta perdendo tempo con la questione della fertilità degli Altri,dato che ci sono motivazioni molto più importanti da analizzare, come il perché del loro soggiorno sull’Isola. Richard aggiunge che l’uccisione di Cooper avrebbe accelerato questo processo e suggerisce a Locke di coinvolgere qualcuno nell’aiutarlo a eliminare il padre,consegnandogli il fascicolo riguardante la vita di Sawyer. ("Il brigantino")

Poco più di ventiquattro ore dopo,Richard chiede a Ben se avesse dovuto recarsi al Caduceo per Juliet. Linus si allarma quando Alpert dice di aver già svolto il suo compito, capendo che quindi la registrazione per la Burke è sparita. Poco dopo, Richard assiste al ritorno di Locke al campo degli Altri col cadavere del padre ed è presente quando John dichiara che Ben lo condurrà a vedere Jacob. ("L'uomo dietro le quinte")

Una volta che Ben è tornato da solo dopo aver fatto visita alla cascina di Jacob,Richard è preoccupato del fatto che Linus dichiara che Locke ha avuto un incidente durante il cammino. ("Greatest Hits")

Quando lascia gli Altri per recarsi da Jack e gli altri superstiti e bloccarli prima che raggiungano la torre radio,Ben ordina a Richard di condurre il resto dei compagni al Tempio. ("Attraverso lo Specchio, prima parte")

Sesta stagione

Richard è svonvolto quando scopre chi stava seguendo. ("Los Angeles LA X, seconda parte")

Dopo la scoperta del corpo di Locke Richard cerca di impedire a Ilana e Bram di entrare nella statua, affermando che chiedendo "cosa giace all'ombra della statua" non li rende in charge. Subito dopo, Ben esce dalla statua e chiede a Richard di entrare e parlare con Lock.. Richard frustrato trascina Ben verso Ajira crate e buttandolo al suolo mostra a Ben il cadavere di Locke.

La mattina seguente Richard vede i messaggi provenienti dal Tempio che indicano la morte di Jacob. Proprio in quel momento il nemico di Jacob, The Man In Black esce dalla statua nella forma di Locke e gli Altri gli puntano le armi. Nel Panico Richard urla di non sparrare. MIB si avvicina a Richard e gli dice di essere contento di vederlo "senza le sue catene" Richard sembra realizzare chi sia veramente Locke ma MIB lo attacca e lo porta via inconscente sulle spalle verso la giungla dicendo a tutti gli Altri di essere deluso dal loro comportamento. ("Los Angeles LA X, seconda parte")

Richard catturato. ("Il sostituto")

Nella Giungla MIB lega Richard e lo appende ad un albero. In seguito lascia Richar sull'albero e in un momento esplora l'isola nella forma di fumo nero. Ritornando nella forma di Locke, MIB taglia con un macete la corda e fa scendere Richard dall'albero offrendogli dell'acqua. DIce a Richard di volere quello che ha sempre voluto: vuole che Richard vada con lui. Richard chiede perchè MIB ha preso le sembianze di Locke e risponde che Locke poteva permettergli di avvicinarsi a Jacob dato che era un candidato. Quando Richard gli chiede cosa sia un candidato MIB risponde con sarcasmo chiedendogli perchè seguiva Jacob senza sapere cosa Jacob stavva seguendo e che MIB mai avrebbe mantenuto Richard all'oscuro di tutto. Mib chiede di nuovo a Richard di andare con lui e gli promette di dirgli tutto ma Richard si rifiuta. In quel momento MIB vede un misterioso bambino biondo nella giungla che espone due braccia sanguinanti ma Richard non vede il bambino. Quando il bambino sembra svanire, MIB va via dicendo a Richard che si rivedranno prima di quanto pensi.

Richard faces the Man in Black. ("Il sostituto")

Avendo seguito segretamene MIB quando incontra Sawyer, Richard parla con Sawyer quando MIB corre nella giungla per rincorrere il bambino. Richard avverte Sawyer che Locke vuole al morte di tutti i suoi amici e che quindi dovrebbe raggiungere Richard nel Templio. Sawyer afferma che ha già lasciato il Tempio e che vuole sapere le risposte che MIB ha promesso di dargli. Richard è confuso dall'atteggiamento di Sawyer. Tuttavia appena sente l'arrivo di MIB terrorizzato scappa nella giungla.

("Il sostituto")

Richard unexpectedly stumbles upon Jack and Hurley, while on his way to the Black Rock. ("Dottor Linus")

Trekking back to the Temple, Richard reached his destination at some point after the massacre by the Man in Black of the Others still residing there. Taking account of the devastation and returning back into the jungle, Richard came across Hurley and Jack in the midst of an argument about the direction to the Temple.

Richard indicates the Temple is another direction, and Jack and Hurley follow him. Hurley is curious if Richard time travelled, having only just met him but apparently aware of Richard's ability to not age - and asks a bemused Richard if he is a cyborg or a vampire. Richard explains that the reason he does not age is because Jacob gave him a gift. The three of them arrive at the Black Rock and Richard tells them that he never had any intention of going to the Temple. He tells the other two that he went to the Temple and saw that everyone was dead. However, he did not see their friends, meaning they probably got out in time.

Jack talks to Richard about Jacob's intentions, as he tries to kill himself in the Black Rock. ("Dottor Linus")  (promo)

He enters the Black Rock, followed by Jack and Hurley. Richard stops to examine some chains and shackles, and muses that he has been on the Island for a long time and this is his first trip back to the ship. Richard begins haphazardly playing around with some dynamite in a box, to Hurley's shock. Despite the most jolting movements, the dynamite will not explode. Richard explains that Jacob touched him and he can not die by his own hands. Because of this, Richard asks Jack to kill him. He tells Jack that he feels that his long life on the Island has lacked purpose, because Jacob had promised to share his plans with Richard but did not do so before he died. Jack listens and lights a stick of dynamite, but instead of leaving, he sits across from Richard to ask him some questions. (Hurley, panicked, runs off). Jack asks about Jacob's purposes for him and Richard says he does not know. Jack tells Richard about how the mirrors in Jacob's Lighthouse showed Jack's childhood home, and that Jacob had been watching him his whole life. Jack is not worried about the dynamite exploding because he feels Jacob would never let anything happen to someone who is part of his plan. Richard appears genuinely stirred by Jack's words, but feels the latter is taking an awful risk in their current situation. However, the dynamite does not blow up just as Jack predicted. Realising Jack is now the one "with all the answers", Richard asks where they should go next. Jack responds with a smile: "Back to where it all started."

Richard is able to communicate with his late wife thanks to Hurley's abilities. ("Ab aeterno")

Emboldened by Jack's words - Richard then joined Hurley and Jack on their return to the survivors' beach camp, where they reunite with Sun, Lapidus, Ilana, Miles and Ben who have gone there for safety from the Man in Black. Richard stands apart from the group (as does Ben on the opposite side) and silently watches the friends happily reunite, and Ilana's introduction to Jack and Hurley. However, unknown to anyone on the beach, they are being watched through the periscope of a submarine commanded by the returning Charles Widmore. ("Dottor Linus")

On the beach, Richard tells the group that the Island is hell. Soon after, Richard walks off into the Jungle, as Hurley is told by Richard's dead wife, Isabella, to follow him. Richard digs up his wife's cross necklace and then calls out for the Man in Black because Richard has decided to accept his offer, which was offered in 1867. Hurley then comes out of the jungle and tells Richard he has been talking to Isabella. Hurley tells Richard she loved him and, although she misses him, she was meant to die. With hesitation, Hurley then tells Richard that Isabella wants him to kill The Man in Black, or they "all go to hell". ("Ab aeterno")


  • Richard Alpert (meglio conosciuto come Ram Dass) è il nome di un celebre psicologo e spiritualista Hindu. Nel 1963 lasciò l’Università di Harvard a causa delle sue ricerche (compiute in collaborazione con Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, Allen Ginsberg e altri) sulla psicocibina, s ull’LSD-25 e altri allucinogeni. Poi si recò in India,dove assunse il nome spirituale Ram Dass (Servo di Dio). Alpert scrisse delle sue esperienze in un famoso libro, ”Be here now” (1971) e fondò la Hanuman Fondation.
  • Damon Lindelof ha confermato che il personaggio di Alpert divideva il nome con una persona celebre.
  • Il collega e amico di Alpert, Aldous Huxley, scrisse un’opera letteraria intitolata “L’Isola” (1962), in cui si possono trovare molti spunti ispiratori di Lost; ad esempio Pala è il nome dell’isola utopica del libro (riferimento al Pala Ferry).
  • Richard è un nome di ascendenza germanica e significa “potente capo”.
  • Richard è l’unico Altro vivente a esser stato precedentemente membro degli Ostili.
  • Richard è l’unico Altro ad esser stato fuori dall’Isola il giorno dell’incidente aereo.
  • Nel commento audio dell’episodio “L’uomo di Tallahassee” Richard viene descritto come una persona che non è interessata al comando sugli Altri,pur avendo grande influenza. Il suo compito, molto delicato, è quello di trovare e selezionare un leader. Si può fare un parallelismo tra la sua mansione e l’incarico del Panchen Lama, che deve scegliere il Dalai Lama. E’ come se Richard e Ben si controllassero l’un l’altro per impedire che uno dei due abbia troppo potere; per cui la loro è una relazione equilibrata,dato che sono alleati in un certo senso.
  • In “Il mondo degli Altri”,contenuto speciale della edizione DVD della terza serie di Lost, Richard viene descritto come il numero due di Ben, il suo consigliere.
  • Il commento audio dell’episodio “L’uomo dietro le quinte” ha confermato che la battuta pronunciata da Ben a Richard (“È un regalo di compleanno. Te li ricordi i compleanni?”) è stata intenzionalmente scritta in modo ambiguo.
  • Mark Alpert è il nome di uno scrittore autore de "l'ultima equazione", tratta dalla teoria unitaria dei campi di Albert Einstein a cui si ispirano i viaggi nel tempo spiegati da Daniel Faraday in "costanti e variabili".

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  • Come è riuscito Ben a superare Richard nella gerarchia degli Altri e a diventarne il leader?
  • Perché ha fornito a Locke le informazioni su Sawyer? Per permettere a Lock di "manipolare" Sawyer facendogli uccidere il proprio padre, nonchè lo stesso uomo cui Saywer ha sempre giurato di voler uccidere perchè causa della morte dei propri genitori) e permettendo così che non si sporcasse le mani per un assassinio che John non si sentiva in grado di compiere.
  • Che ruolo ha giocato nella Purga?
  • E’ davvero un dottore? E se sì, come lo è diventato?
  • Per quale ragione ha provato a reclutare Locke?
  • Come riusciva a viaggiare dall’Isola prima di avere accesso al sottomarino Dharma?
    • È presumibilmente l'unico in grado di viaggiare a proprio piacere tra l'isola ed il mondo esterno senza l'utilizzo di mezzi "convenzionali".
    • È anche in grado di viaggiare nel tempo?
  • Che tipo di relazione ha con Jacob?
  • Quando assiste alla nascita di Locke, e poi gli fa visita durante la sua infanzia, viaggia nel tempo? E da quale "momento" è partito? Non viaggia nel tempo, ma semplicemente segue il consiglio di Locke stesso che gli aveva chiesto, durante uno degli sbalzi temporali (ep. 5x15) di andare a vedere la sua nascita a 3 anni di distanza come prova delle sue affermazioni.