"Parting Words"
The Raft 2
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"Parting Words" è un pezzo orchestrale della colonna sonora della prima stagione. Viene sentita quando la zattera parte.

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With the raft about to launch, Charlie finishes collecting messages to place in a bottle. Walt says goodbye to Vincent, then Shannon; Jin says goodbye to Claire, then Charlie; Michael says goodbye to Sun. Sawyer collects Charlie's bottle and looks for Kate but sees she's not there. The survivors push the raft into the water and cheer as it successfully launches. Vincent tries to swim to the raft, but Walt shoos him back to shore. Sawyer and Michael hoist the sail. Sun and Jin look back at each other. The raft floats away. The scene then shifts to an ominous pillar of smoke.


Variations on the theme in "Parting Words" appear in "The Gathering" and "Naomi Phone Home."

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"Parting Words" and its variations play during the following scenes.

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