Sayid's father was a soldier in the Iraqi Republican Guard.

Sayid's father ordered a young Omer to kill a chicken in order to prove his maturity. When Sayid killed the chicken in Omer's place, the father scorned Omer and commended Sayid. ("Lui è il nostro 'te'")

Tariq told Sayid that his father would be ashamed if he knew that Sayid was helping the Americans, describing him as a "great hero". ("Uno degli altri")


  • The site lists his name as Hassan. Due to the source of this name, this is considered deuterocanon.
  • Hassan is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is "good-looking, handsome"; it is a popular name in the Arabic world.
  • In the casting call he was described as "Father, 40s, must speak Arabic. A domineering and quick-tempered father who's trying to bring his boys up properly. Feels he has to teach his son a lesson about how to be a real man." [1]
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