"Oceanic 815"
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"Oceanic 815" è un pezzo orchestrale della colonna sonora della prima stagione. Viene ascoltata quando i passeggeri salgono sul Volo Oceanic 815.

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Charlieand Sayid return to the beach with Aaron, and Claire and Shannon greet them. We see that Charlie is hiding one of the Virgin Mary statues of heroin.

In a flashback, the passengers board Flight 815. Charlie struggles to stow his guitar. A white passenger sees Sayid and scowls. Jin examines Mr. Paik's watch. Michael fastens Walt seat belt; Edward Mars fastens Kate's handcuffs. Boone hands Shannon her inhaler. Hurley boards last, late, and starts reading a comic book. Arzt helps Claire put her luggage away. Locke and Jack exchange a quick glance.

Back on the Island, Jack and Locke peer into the newly-opened hatch.

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"Oceanic 815" incorporates the themes from "Life and Death," "Credit Where Credit Is Due" and "Proper Motivation."

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