Lost Season 5 (Original Television Soundtrack)
Season 5 soundtrack cover
11 maggio 2010
Varèse Sarabande

The soundtrack for Season 5 is expected to be released on May 11, 2010. [1]

The epic story of LOST twists, turns and time shifts in its brilliant fifth season. When destiny calls, the Oceanic 6 frantically race back to the island. Discover what forced them to return and find out the fate of all those who were left behind.

Academy Award-winner Michael Giacchino’s music has played a huge role in the series from the very beginning, and our latest collection of LOST musical highlights contains over 60 minutes of Season 5’s touching and thrilling score.

LOST Season 5 is now available on DVD and BluRay from ABC Home Video — and the show’s thrilling sixth and final season is currently airing on ABC.

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Season 5 back cover

Back cover

# Track title Track length Episode title
1 "Making Up for Lost Time" 3:23
2 "The Swinging Bendulum" 5:43 "La grande menzogna"
3 "Locke's Excellent Adventure" 4:01
4 "The Science of Faith" 2:19 "316"
5 "More Locke Than Locke" 3:13 "316"
6 "Together or Not Together" 4:02 "316"
7 "Through the Window" 2:07 "316"
8 "Dharma Delinquent" 1:51 "LaFleur"
9 "La Fleur" 2:36 "LaFleur"
10 "Crash and Yearn" 2:28
11 "Your Kharma Hit My Dharma" 2:05
12 "Alex in Chains" 1:35 "Ciò che è morto è morto"
13 "I Hear Dead People" 1:52 "Il padre che non c'era"
14 "For Love of the Dame" 3:17 "Costanti e variabili"
15 "Follow the Leader" 7:50 "Il nuovo leader"
16 "Sawyer Jones and the Temple of Boom" 5:14 "Follow the Leader"
17 "The Tangled Web" 1:41 "L'incidente, prima parte"
18 "Dharma Disaster" 5:17 "The Incident, Part 1
19 "Blessings and Bombs" 1:30 "The Incident, Part 1"
20 "Jack's Swan Song" 1:15 "L'incidente, seconda parte"
21 "Dharma vs. Lostaways" 4:23 "The Incident, Part 2"
22 "The Incident" 3:07 "The Incident, Part 2"
23 "Jacob's Stabber" 7:32 "The Incident, Part 2"

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# Track title Track description Track type
1 "Making Up for Lost Time"
2 "The Swinging Bendulum"
3 "Locke's Excellent Adventure"
4 "The Science of Faith"
5 "More Locke Than Locke"
6 "Together or Not Together"
7 "Through the Window"
8 "Dharma Delinquent"
9 "La Fleur"
10 "Crash and Yearn"
11 "Your Kharma Hit My Dharma"
12 "Alex in Chains"
13 "I Hear Dead People"
14 "For Love of the Dame"
15 "Follow the Leader"
16 "Sawyer Jones and the Temple of Boom"
17 "The Tangled Web"
18 "Dharma Disaster"
19 "Blessings and Bombs"
20 "Jack's Swan Song"
21 "Dharma vs. Lostaways"
22 "The Incident"
23 "Jacob's Stabber"


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