"Locke of the Island"

"Locke of the Island" è un pezzo orchestrale della colonna sonora della quarta stagione. Con 7 minuti e 7 secondi, è la traccia dell'album più lunga.

Scene descriptionModifica

Locke says he must move the Island, but Ben insists on doing so and suffering the consequences himself. He says goodbye to Locke, relinquishing to him the position of leader and apologizing for making Locke's life so miserable.

Locke finds the Others. Richard welcomes him "home," and Locke begins to smile.

Ben walks through the Orchid's rock tunnel, and smashes through ice with a crowbar. He tries climbing down its ladder, but a rung breaks. Ben lights a lantern, revealing the frozen wheel. He wishes Jacob and resentful farewell and turns the wheel, chipping away at more ice to do so. The Others, Sawyer and Juliet, the passengers on the Zodiac and the Oceanic Six in the helicopter and hear a ringing noise. The wheel emits light, and the Island vanishes.

With nowhere left to land, the helicopter crashes into the water.


"Locke of the Island" incorpora i temi "Crocodile Locke" e "Dharmacide."

Significato del titoloModifica

Il titolo piazza Locke e l'Isola nelal frase "luck of the Irish" (fortuna degli irlandesi).

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