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Leslie Arzt è un passeggero del Volo Oceanic 815 e anche un insegnante di scienze in un Liceo.

Sul Volo 815[]

Arzt recognized Hurley from his commercials for Mr. Cluck's Chicken. He asked him to do one of the voices from his commercials, and laughed hysterically when Hugo finally gives in. He excitedly told another passenger that Hugo is the owner of Mr. Cluck's and was impressed that he is "riding coach with the rest of us yutzes", but the other passenger was unimpressed. Arzt then asked how a guy like Hugo was able to buy a major corporation, and Hugo simply explained that he won the lottery and liked chicken, so he bought it. Arzt looked disappointed and slightly irritated with this answer and said "good for you" before he walked away. ("Los Angeles LA X, prima parte")

Dopo il volo[]

Arzt saw Sayid at the baggage claim and stared at him for a moment. ("Los Angeles LA X, seconda parte")

Later, Arzt walked in front of Kate's cab and screamed on the driver: "Hey, I'm walkin' here! I'm walkin' here! " Then, he had some of his luggage run over when Kate ordered the driver to continue driving. Arzt screamed on the driver angrily: "Hey! Hey! What the hell? Hey, I got your license plate!" ("Quello che fa Kate")