"Jacob's Stabber"
5x17 DyingInBen'sArms
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"Jacob's Stabber" è un pezzo orchestrale della colonna sonora della quinta stagione. It plays as the Man in Black completes his goal and Ben stabs Jacob.

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In 2007, Ilana and her group arrive at the statue of Taweret. After Richard answers her question, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?", she shows him the contents of her crate: John Locke's dead body. Inside the statue, the man impersonating Locke brings Ben to Jacob. Ben explains to Jacob that he has dutifully followed him his entire life, even though Jacob never revealed himself to Ben and never spoke to him. Ben finally asks why Locke gets to talk to Jacob, asking, "What about me?" Jacob calmly replies, "What about you?" and Ben stabs him. Jacob says, "They're coming," and the Locke imposter kicks him into the fire.

Back in 1977 at the Swan construction site, Jack wakes up from being knocked out to find Kate dragging the distraught Sawyer off the DHARMA drilling wreckage. The wreckage falls down the shaft, awakening the badly wounded Juliet. She notices the Jughead core sitting nearby, and hits it with a rock eight times, causing it to explode in a flash of light.


"Jacob's Stabber" uses the theme from "The Tangled Web".

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"Jacob's Stabber" is a play on the phrase Jacob's Ladder.

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