Ilana Verdansky è un avvocato per la ditta Sweetzer & Verdansky a Los Angeles. Conosce Desmond da prima del loro incontro, e sembrano vecchi amici, from the fact that she owes him a favor, and was very glad to see him for their appointment. She is also the executor of Christian Shephard's will. Ilana had been searching for Claire and once Claire was brought to her by Desmond, Ilana introduced Jack to Claire, whom Jack only knew as a mysterious recipient in Christian's will. ("L'ultima recluta") Ilana gives Claire a music box that Christian wanted her to have. ("Il candidato")


  • Verdansky is the surname of Vladimir Verdansky, mentioned in NoosphereForum, although the spelling of the surname is different (switch positions of the letters d and n) in the quotation present in the same site, because the later mentions Vladimir Vernadsky, related to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who is mentioned in the article about the book Everything That Rises Must Converge.
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