"Hollywood and Vines"
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"Hollywood and Vines" è un pezzo orchestrale della colonna sonora della prima stagione. It plays during jungle treks throughout the series

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Sawyer reads his letter and sees some of the survivors going on a hike. He joins them.

The survivors climb a hill. Sayid and Boone help Shannon with a particularly steep bit.

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"Hollywood and Vines" and its variations play during the following scenes.


Variations on the theme from "Hollywood and Vines" appear in "Flying High," "Early Mourning Mystery," "The Good Shepherd," "JACK FM," "Juliet is Lost," "Just What the Doctor Ordered," "Kate Makes a Splash," "An Other Dark Agenda," "The Only Pebble in the Jungle," "Nadia on Your Life" and "Timecrunch."

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The title references the music style - cinematic scores - and the setting - a jungle. "Hollywood and Vine" is also the famous Los Angeles intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

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