Helen Norwood is engaged to and living with John Locke. They are planning to get married in October, 2004. ("Il sostituto")

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Being very sick of the wedding planning, caterers, bands, and picking out fabrics for chair backs (both a shade of green) she asks John if they can "do it shot gun style" in Las Vegas instead. She also mentions taking her parents and John's father with them, to which John replies that Helen deserves better than that and he knows they can do it.

She is a woman of faith, thinking that John met Jack Shephard, a spinal surgeon, from the same flight, that may be destiny and thinks that John should call him. The next day she overhears John on the phone with Dr. Jack Shephard's office but he hangs up, she is glad John calls and wants to know when he is getting a consultation from Dr. Shephard.

John initially lies to Helen about skipping the conference in Australia, but eventually confesses that he was fired from the box company. When his case of lost knives is returned, he tells Helen to open the case and explains what happened when he tried to go on a walkabout but couldn't. John explains that if she wants him to go to more consults about his back and "needs him to get out of this chair" but doesn't want her to wait for a miracle, because he believes there is no such thing. She replies there are miracles, but assures him that he is the only one she ever needed, and rips up Jack's business card. ("Il sostituto")

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