Elizabeth "Libby" Smith is a mental patient at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. ("Tutti amano Hugo")

Meeting HugoModifica

When on a field trip to Spanish Johnny's, Libby spotted Hugo sitting alone at a table. Hugo first assumed that Libby was his blind date Rosalita, but she corrected him, saying that she knew him from somewhere, to which Hugo responds that they had never met. Dr. Brooks then came up to Libby and said that it was time to go. Hugo followed them outside and watched as Libby was driven off in a Santa Rosa Mental Institute van. Hurley later visited Libby at the mental institution to talk with her further. She asked him if he remembered anything else and he said no. Libby told him that she'd had dreams that she was in a plane crash and ended up on an island. She said she thought that he was with her there as well. Hurley then asked if she was allowed to go on day trips and leave the institution. Libby said yes, because she was there voluntarily, and was pleased when Hurley asked her on a date. Hurley then took her to a picnic on the beach. Noticing something off, Hurley asked Libby what was wrong, to which she replied that it seemed like she'd been here before. Hurley asked her why she was here with him, and Libby said it was because she liked him. She then kissed him. Hurley then began to experience brief flashes of images from his life on the Island. When he told Libby, she was happy, because it meant she wasn't crazy. ("Tutti amano Hugo")

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