Charles Widmore was the founder of Widmore Industries, husband of Eloise and father of Daniel Widmore and Penelope Milton. He was also the employer of Desmond Hume, with whom he shared a good relationship.

Before the FlightModifica

Charles had two children, Penelope Milton and Daniel Widmore, to different mothers. Daniel was raised with his parents Eloise and Charles. ("E vissero felici e contenti")

After the FlightModifica

Charles heard that Charlie Pace, who was expected to play music alongside his son at Eloise's charity event got arrested for possessing drugs. Intent to get Charlie to perform at the event, as his Eloise would "destroy" him otherwise, Widmore requested that his trusted employee Desmond Hume help. Desmond understood that Widmore wanted him to "babysit" Charlie. While he believed that it is beneath Desmond, he wanted someone he can trust to to it. Desmond was happy to help. Widmore praises Desmond's life free of family and commitments and shares his MacCutcheon whisky, saying nothing is too good for Desmond. Desmond failed to keep hold of Charlie, after Charlie causes a car accident. Despite the circumstances, Widmore got mad over Desmond's failure and insisted that he explain it to Eloise if he doesn't think it's a big deal. ("E vissero felici e contenti")


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